Let’s get to know drg. or the dragon owner of the song. Let’s talk more about the “story we write” with 27 facts you may not have known.


  • going to a concert by an artist make me know “Someone can remember and sing along to his songs.” make a dragonDecided to compose the first songown
  • Dragon’s songs will tell about memories, happiness, stories that have happened. Not much focus on love but I want it to be the story of my life
  • Sena is the cartoon character that Dragon likes the most becauseStarting from zero like myself But he was able to overcome obstacles. until he followed his own dream

Hello young people Dek-D Today, P’Cherry has a chance to talk to a talented new artist that many people may be familiar with from the song. “The story we write” that is “drg.” or “Akarawat Chaowan Litseree (Dragon)” Who wrote a song instead of the feeling that many people became fans of this young man which P’Cherry thought that if the young people Dek-D After reading to the end, in addition to getting to know more about Dragon. also get a new perspective on life That many people did not expect at all. Let’s see.

Pictures from the mv before we say goodbye
Pictures from the mv before we say goodbye

1. The name “Dragon” is the name given to him by his parents. because born in the year of the dragon The real one is shy. He rarely reveals his feelings. So I set my pseudonym to drg., which stands for Dragon.

2. Dragon really likes to play music. Since childhoodA child who dreams of making his own music. I want more people to come to see the concert.

3. When Dragon first started playing the piano I learned the classics, although it was a bit boring. But it helps to practice basic skills as well. And I like to play pop music until now.

4. Besides playing the piano, Dragon alsoLikes playing guitar as much as piano.So it can be said that if you are at home, you have to have a guitar. Part time of work is piano time.

5. The first courage that made me decide to become an artist was when I went to see a concert of an artist.during the semester break and feel Why do people remember and sing along with him so much? After that day, Dragon started composing his first song.W had a friend to help convey the lyrics until it became a song. “Stories We Write”

6. The artist who inspired the Dragon was “Pee Stamp”. That’s it. Dragon said that he likes to listen to Stamp’s song very much. especiallySweet dream song, shy kiss and the song once upon a time Each song of P’ Stamp, both the lyrics And the melody is very well written. I feel that His hyung’s song uses words perfectly.

7. Every time Dragon releases a new songon YouTube It was a moment that Dragon would never forget.how excited you are That moment was the time that Dragon was most proud of.

8. 3 wordsThe definition that Dragon gave himself was. “Shy, overthinking, and has passion.”

9. Dragon gets embarrassed in front of a lot of people. When getting to know new people He was so tensed that he couldn’t speak.

10. Dragon felt that I am a person who thinks, repeats, does, thinks a lot.with everything since waking up Including when composing a song, I think, “Is our song, is our music good?” “Will the audience like it?”

11. Dragon has a passion for all things music. Since playing the piano, playing the guitar, composing songs, listening to music, because I feel that Since entering high school, I have never stopped liking anything about music.

12. uniqueof dragon music is A song that tells about memories of the past. and what was once our happiness will not focus on love, break up, but wantCompose songs that are like life’s stories.

13. dreamWhat Dragon really wants to make is I want to hold my own concert There are a lot of fans to sing, if possible, Dragon wants.Working with P’ Stamp once, I want toLearned both his work and various angles.

14. Dragon likes every single released song equally, but if you really have to choose would be a song “Stories We Write” he said At that time, still no name Write with pure feelings I don’t care who likes or dislikes that song. But when releasedMeaningful to many people who listen to it a lot, so I feel that this song is an important song.for him

15. “The story we write” is the songTell us about the happy times that we still have each other. But there was a question that lingered in his mind. “If one day we don’t tell each other we love each other We will still hold hands Will you still be together?”

16. “A Dream That Didn’t Come True” It was a song that Dragon wanted to write for it.very sad Let’s go because when the first song was released, many people asked The songs we wrote Is it a love story or a sad song? So he released this song.

17. “Before we say goodbye” is the songmarry a friend Everything we have spent together is very valuable. I want everyone to appreciate what we have right now.

18. Part of the Dragonmost confident in yourselfThat is, using words, Dragon felt that “I am good at arranging my words when working.”

19. If you have free time, Dragon would like toto Osaka, Japan because I really like the nature there I feel that if I go to Osaka, whetherWhatever you do, you’ll feel relaxed. Dragon likes Japanese food very much. Including souvenirs, clothes, bags, musical instruments like to buy from there.

20. cartoon characterWhat Dragon likes the most. Sena protagonist from the story Eyeshield 21 because I feelSena started from scratch just like him. Sena is not good at anything. But he really likes American football. So I decided to play Then he discovered his own hidden talent.is like an inspirationgive dragontoo

21. Dragon likes acoustic pop music. I think it’s simple. With the time to listen to music, like to read the lyrics as well, it makes me feel that understand what the author conveys And another line that I would like to request is Movie soundtracks like Sparkle that make people even more connected to Your name.

22. What Dragon likes the most is his family. Because the family has supported Dragon from the beginning until today. The thing that Dragon dislikes the most is farewell.

23. The mindset is something that Dragon feels has grown from last year. In 1 year, I have worked quite a lot. I have learned from my works, ideas, how to speak, and ideas that have changed my life in 1 year a lot.

24. Dragon wants to choose to go back to the past during middle school. because I want to start doing everything faster It was then that I started to like music. but because of the courage So I just made a real song in the first year.

25. If a dragon has one special ability Dragon will choose a door to go anywhere. Dragon doesn’t like traveling. Because in Thailand, the traffic is very congested. While traveling, it takes up a significant part of our journey. This causes less time to want to do things that you like.

26. Dragon often encounters power outages during songwriting. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t figure it out. I wrote it and deleted it. It took months until I got a song, but I thought I had to do it anyway. It will eventually become part of his music, so it will pass through that time.

27. Finally, Dragon wants to tell everyone that “I want to thank everyone who listened to the song. I always read the comments and reply to direct. Every message is a great encouragement. that keeps me making music If there is no encouragement from the fans Well, it probably wouldn’t have developed a better performance. Do not have the encouragement to work this difficult. I felt that everything happened because everyone was involved. thank you very much”

About drg.

Dragon – Akkarawat Chaowanlesree New artist from Wayfer Records under Warner Music Thailand.

capable Producing songs, playing the piano and playing the guitar.

first songIt’s the song “The Story We Wrote”.

How to track drg.

Instagram : drg.cwlsr

Youtube : drg.

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