Let’s have it full! Tambon Siam is supporting 2 major motor racing events in 2023

Motor Sport Thaikuk, Tambon Siam, is supporting 2 major events in 2013, a flat road car race with the largest number of racing cars in Thailand “TOYO TIRES SCHAEFFLER RACING CAR THAILAND 2023” and a famous drag car race. For straight fans, 0-400 meters, “NITTO KING OF DRAG 2023” is preparing to open a big stage for Thai racers. Show potential to go global

Mr Apichai Tangwongsiri, Managing Director, Siam Commercial Co, Ltd, was the chairman of the press conference. Sponsorship of Motor Sports Competition 2023 at Riverside Grand Ballroom, Avani Hotel + Riverside Bangkok – Hotel on November 22, 2022. In the year 2022, named It can be said that it is another golden year for the Thai motor sports industry, p one that wins many awards on the world stage of Thai racers, the two small models as go-karts. Or the big version like the Endurance 24H competition in the past where Thai racers can make a name for themselves on the world stage in many events.
For T. Siam Commercial Co., Ltd., the importer and distributor of Toyo Tires, Nitto Tire and Nankang Tyre, has announced that it is the main sponsor for a flat-car race with many racing cars taking part in the competition best in Thailand “TOYO TIRES SCHAEFFLER RACING CAR THAILAND 2023” and includes a famous drag car competition. For direct fans, 0-400 meters, “NITTO KING OF DRAG 2023” in the company. have provided support in the coming year 2023

Mr Apichai Tangwongsiri, Managing Director, Siam Commercial Company Limited, discusses the overview of motor sports for Thailand. Currently, it has been very popular in terms of information. of the competition A quick and wide choice of viewing channels Whether it is the organizer of the competition Teams taking part in the race or even the racers themselves The inclusion of the cost of starting a car competition in the new generation is not as high as in the past As a result, more and more people are now interested in participating in the competition every year and for this year 2023, the company has sponsored the program “TOYO TIRES SCHAEFFLER RACING CAR THAILAND 2023”, which will compete throughout the year, 6 fields together, and introduced TOYO TIRES PROXES RR tires which are the latest tires used for specific competitions in the race track only Let’s start using in this competition for the first time. Will it be able to increase the performance of racing cars and racers to confidently compete with the performance of the said tire by Mr. Alongkorn Sae Tang of the Meng Rubber team who has participated in that competition this year Mentioned to participate in the competition which is another item . That gives the opportunity to new racers who like speed to join the competition and learn good driving techniques In it every race has something to improve and learn all the time. Participated in the competition in the Isuzu One Make Race Champion League 3.0, with the accumulated points of the Thailand Championship first and will compete in the final field on December 23-25 ​​at Chang International Circuit Buriram Province to collect accumulated points for The Thai Championship in the above field, Mr. Alongkorn.
rIn addition to supporting the flat car race, in 2023, the company was also sponsoring the 0-400 meter drag race for direct fans to experience the ultimate speed directly from the “NITTO KING” OF DRAG 2023″ competition which prepared to organize fun throughout Thailand, all 5 fields across the country, and the highlight model was the Diesel model, NT420SD rubber house car by Mr. Kanchid Baikabao or Chang A Saraburi, a two-time championship racer. Nitto King of Drag also mentioned that the competition is a race that has many cars and racers interested in participating in the competition. Because both are part of the race car that does not need many modifications. NITTO tires will wear NT420SD helps to make the race. Fun and excitement. So making this competition is another model that has many people participating in the competition and is very popular and also allows those who are interested in car racing in the field to easily participate in the race Which is from the response from the racers who took it participation in various competitions more and more each year Makes the Company, Tambon Siam, very confident and proud to help push And help support Thai racers to have a standard car competition arena and has shown potential to the nations that are “Thai Racers Unbeaten by any nation in the world,” said Mr Apichai.

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