Let’s help Claude wash the car, the stress-relieving masterpiece “High Pressure Washing Simulation” will add “FF7” DLC for free | 4 Gamers

“PowerWash Simulator”, developed by FuturLab, announced that it will launch a free DLC “Midgar Special Pack”, which will cooperate with the well-known Japanese role-playing game “Final Fantasy VII”.

Since Square Enix is ​​the publisher of “Simulated High Pressure Washing”, it has also directly contributed to the collaboration of these two seemingly unrelated games. “Simulated High Pressure Washing” has been a huge success since its release last year. This game, which uses high-pressure water guns to clean dirt, has received almost 29,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

Of course, this cooperation is not for players to fight monsters, but for players to take over the task and use high-pressure nozzles to clean three well-known objects in “FF7”, including Tifa and Barrett’s original “Seventh Heaven” bar. “, Claude’s motorcycle “HARDY DAYTONA”, and the representative enemy “Guardian Scorpion” at work.

In addition to “FF7”, “High Pressure Cleaning Simulation” also launched a collaboration with another well-known game “Tomb Raider” today, allowing players to clean scenes such as museums. “Simulated High Pressure Washing” is currently on sale on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

There is currently no public launch date for the Midgar Special Pack.

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