Let’s not forget Melania’s receipts


As with many Trumplanders, it was a week of torrential news in the first lady’s life Melania Trump. It started with the discovery that her husband may not be as rich as he claims to be. Then there was the debate, where she was the only one in the Trump family who chose to wear a mask upon their arrival. Things have really set in motion for her in the past 24 hours. There was a leak of an intense phone call with her angry voice never heard publicly. Finally, early Friday, a positive COVID-19 test. Both she and the president is experiencing mild symptoms and is in quarantine at the White House. Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his wife Jill he wished them a speedy recovery.

News of the first couple’s diagnosis immediately surpassed, well, all other news when it came overnight, including what was shaping up to be one of the most public manifestations of Melania’s private persona in her four years as first lady. Thursday, CNN Anderson Cooper it had the former adviser and settlement czar of Melania Stephanie Winston Wolkoff on his schedule to discuss a phone call with Melania that Wolkoff had recorded. It’s from July 2018. Before we talk about it, here is a collection of words that can help recall that month: immigration, ICE, Scott Pruitt resigns, Robert Mueller, allegations, around with Vladimir Putin, Michael Cohenit’s a secretly recorded phone call, Stormy Daniels, mock this, mock that, Paul Manafort process, deadline for family reunification not respected, not respected at all. So this is July 2018.

During the phone call, Melania expresses intense frustration that the media did a lot for her Christmas decorations the previous November and not her trip to the border the previous month, June 21. It was jacket time, if you remember. He hints at trying to reunite a child with their mother, but said he “had no chance” because they had to go through “the trial and the law”. The media, he says, are not fair.

“Who cares about Christmas things and decorations?” he rhetorically asks Wolkoff. “But I have to do it, right?”

This is where some observers would start to feel a little sorry for her for having to pay homage to words to Christians, cultural Christians and those who like to see the first lady do what the first ladies did. It would be terrible to be trapped in a cage with white columns where one is recognized only by the three Ds: decorations, dinners and deference to King Christmas. If memory serves, there was an entire twentieth century movement designed to say goodbye to all of this.

And if the latest memory serves, we’re all allowed to say “Merry Christmas” again because her husband won the “War on Christmas”. The d├ęcor had to reflect this powerful, powerful cultural victory. He had to remember that in this house there is a celebration and Melania, Trump’s wife and caretaker of the house, was its administrator. He had to, in his words, and he was hypothetical to have fun at work. It’s a big, disappointing pie however you cut it.

But she once again managed to escape understanding. In his next breath, as Wolkoff tries to get a word horizontally, he starts talking about immigration and the sorrows quickly stop. He started talking about all the Fox News talking points. The children were instructed to say they were in danger, he said. The beds in the detention facilities are much better than the floors they were used to sleep on; they love it there. He said the family separation was Barack Obamathe politics of, which is partly true, although at that time it was not general. The border patrol separated the children when they could not confirm legal guardianship or suspected they were in danger. Eventually a judge ordered the Trump administration to stop him and reunite families; the administration made flaccid gestures of obedience.

During the call, the fact that “they” won’t make a story about her trying to reunite a family is positive proof to her that the liberal media is against her; Fox would, he says, but who cares. Of course, it is interesting that “they” would not make a story about her reunification with an only child separated from their family by the policy applied indiscriminately under her husband’s regime. Because some outlets would pick up such stories and others are definitely not interesting!

The spokesman for the first lady, Stephanie Grisham, He told CNN in a statement: “Secretly taking back the first lady and voluntarily breaking a nondisclosure agreement to publish a salacious book is a clear attempt at relevance. The timing of this continues to be suspect, as does this endless exercise of self-pity and narcissism “.



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