Let’s organize it! “Phet Ban Rai” would like to stop the unbeaten record “Khun Suek Lek” Fight ONE Lumpini, the opening match

over a hundred confident “Khun Kao Ok Thalu” Petbanrai Singmawin wants to stop the unbeaten record of “Khun Suek Lek Boom Dek Sian”, a young boxer who won 33 fights in a row in ONE Lumpini’s opening match on Friday 20 January 2023

“Phet Ban Rai” is preparing to compete with “Lek Warlord” who has never lost for 4 years in US weight coordinates, with “Phet Ban Rai” determined to get fit and train to be ready for the fight this Under the supervision of “Kao Lan Kao Wichit”, a trusted trainer who has modified the fighting style so that more weapons are issued than other fights
Phatthalung’s young boxers admitted that wearing 4oz open-fingered gloves in the ONE Lumpinee fight took some getting used to. But he will not leave the aggressive action to entertain the audience in the stadium

“Khun Warek Lek is a skilled rhythmic boxer with speed, allowing trainers to adapt my weapons to be more varied. But I have nothing to fear. Everything will be measured on stage. The boxing match on January 20 should be a fun fight, definitely the matchup that boxing fans have been waiting for. And I think I have the opportunity to be the first person in four years to stop my younger brother.

In addition, “Petchbanrai” expressed his pride to be part of the ONE Lumpinee Fight for the opportunity to fight in the ONE Championship global events in the future, as well as being an inspiration. Let young boxers develop themselves To be successful like him who has climbed the ranks since he was a child boxer, winning 400 baht in the first fight
2“Coming into UN Lumpinee, I had the same goal as any boxer to have the opportunity to fight at a world class level. I have had a lot of trouble since the provincial period. before climbing to be a big program in the South then he came to fight in a big show in Bangkok”

For the first ONE Fight Lumpinee match on Friday, January 20, 2023 at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra), Thai sports fans can book tickets at the stadium via with the first pair starting at 7:30 pm and broadcast live on Channel 7 HD from 8:30 pm