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“I want you to review your life because the corona disaster has changed your daily life.”

The new action “Kaekatsu” launched from such thinking is a challenge to reconsider your own consumption, practice switching to better products and services, and switching to a more personalized lifestyle.

The Kaikatsu Promotion Committee, which promotes this “Kakaikatsu”, will hold an online talk event to commemorate the opening of the “Kakaikatsu” portal site, the latest consumption trend that has attracted attention due to rising prices and the prolonged corona disaster.

Guests include Takanori Sakaguchi, management critic and “life change” advocate, Maomi Yuuki, multi-talented body beautician, and mother of two who is expanding her range of activities in all stages of life, and Mitsui Direct General Insurance Marketing. Mr. Kentaro Hayashi, Director of the Department’s Hardship Promotion Office, and Mr. Yuki Moriya, Public Relations Department, Cash Advance Corporate Communications Office, took the stage and talked about techniques that change lives.

Consumption activities that suit your taste and contribute to society

Mr. Takanori Sakaguchi, an advocate of kaikatsu, first said, “Spending, shopping, consumption, about 60% of it has been used unconsciously for a long time. Rent, insurance, lessons, subscriptions, continue to use it quite unconscious. is the fact that there are people who are still living,” and gives advice on the first step towards conversion.

“The key is to be fully aware of this fact, actively participate in consumption activities that suit your tastes, and contribute to society. I would like you to think about whether it will be good for society, and change it.”

Mr. Yuki also said, “There is no right way to change. I feel it.”

Corporate revival, “strong and friendly car insurance” Mitsui Direct General Insurance

Mr Kentaro Hayashi, General Manager of Mitsui Direct General Insurance Co, Ltd explained, “I am convinced that ‘strong and friendly car insurance’ will promote the ‘replacement’ of insurance using the Internet.”

Mitsui Direct General Insurance’s “strong and easy car insurance” responds to voices like “insurance is hard” and “I don’t know the coverage I need”, and has just added a “simple estimate function” on the web .

In addition, we have just established a concierge, a communications professional, and started supporting the concierge to create the best possible estimate plan according to each user’s needs.

Communication on the Internet tends to give the impression that the person in charge cannot be seen or is mechanical

By having a concierge with consumers when they understand and review their insurance, they can find the insurance that suits them more smoothly, and even Mitsui Direct General Insurance can deliver better policies.

Transformation of companies, money forward “ME” “Review of fixed costs”

Money Forward is a SaaS/Fintech company that tries to solve all financial problems with the mission of “money forward. life more forward.” Introducing “Money Forward ME” and “Money Forward Fixed Cost Review”.

Money Forward ME” is a money visualization service that anyone can easily continue for free. It automatically sums up the accounts of banks, credit cards, securities companies, FX, pensions, and points used, and automatically creates a household account book.

In addition to managing household finances, it also provides support for eliminating financial anxiety by centrally managing assets and understanding cash flow and the current status of assets.

And “Fixed Cost Advance Review” is a service that supports the reduction of fixed costs and supports the improvement of household finances. In addition to electricity bills and insurance premiums, we also provide smartphone bill review diagnosis.

In addition, at the speaking event, Money Forward Moritani also announced that the visitor event “Real Estate Investment 1DAY School” will be held on October 1st.

This “Real Estate Investing 1DAY School” is a visit-like event where you can learn information related to real estate investing with the theme “investment strategies taught by professionals. The best properties found in the here and there”.

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