Let’s solve the gaming keyboard / mouse in one shot, COX CKM700 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Set

As the gaming gear market grows, more and more people are customizing keyboards. In the past, keyboards that cost 100,000 were novelty products, but now when you think of gaming keyboards, mechanical keyboards that cost around 100,000 come to mind first. The same goes for mice.

However, a gaming keyboard/mouse doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use an expensive mouse for a mechanical keyboard. Like the Cox CKM700, which we will meet today, you can use a gaming keyboard and mouse at a low price.

■ The sparkling COX CKM700 with 104-key layout

First of all, looking at the keyboard, the keyboard of the Cox CKM700 is a 104-key layout keyboard with dimensions of 441 * 175 * 33mm and a weight of 670g. The color is black and the length of the cable includes a total of 180cm.

The keyboard type is a membrane type, and through its unique soft key feeling, there is less fatigue even when used for a long time. These features are suitable for gaming situations where you have to repeatedly press the keyboard, and in addition, it is also advantageous that it makes less noise than mechanical keyboards.

The biggest feature of the Cox CKM700 is that it provides rainbow RGB. This way, when using the Cox CKM700, you can experience the colorful LED tuning the gaming equipment.

While playing a game, there are situations where you have to press various keys at the same time. Given this situation, Cox CKM700 supports simultaneous input of 19 keys to prepare for gaming situations, and also supports multimedia shortcuts such as home, mute, and play/pause through the keyboard to improve convenience.

The keycap configuration is designed with ergonomic Step Sculpture 2. The curved keycap composition with different heights not only helps distinguish between keys when typing, but also reduces fatigue even when used for a long time.

On the back side, two height-adjustable feet and three anti-slip pads are designed, so the height of the keyboard itself can be adjusted.

■ Cox mouse CKM700 with a lifespan of 3 million clicks

The CKM700 Cox mouse is 124 * 68 * 42mm in size and weighs 113g. It is designed in an asymmetrical shape to fit the right hand, so it can be used conveniently with the right hand.

A total of 6 keys include left click, wheel, right click, forward, back, and DPI, and the DPI can be adjusted in 4 steps up to 2,000 DPI, so you can conveniently change the DPI while using it.

The mouse switch has a HUANO switch and provides a lifespan of up to 3 million clicks, providing high durability.

The Cox CKM700 mouse supports LED as well as the keyboard. Through the logo located on the palm rest of the mouse and the lower part of the LED, you can check the RGB that shines with the keyboard and ‘to install by helping to tune the LED.

■ Cox CKM700 solves keyboard and mouse at once

The Cox CKM700 is a keyboard/mouse set product released at an affordable price even though it is a gaming gear product. The LED of the mouse and the rainbow RGB LED of the keyboard not only help with tuning, but the keyboard with membrane keycaps is attractive enough for users who want a smooth feel and low noise.

In addition, various multimedia keys are installed on the keyboard, and it supports simultaneous input of 19 keys and can be conveniently used through a mouse that has 6 keys, so it is comparable even when playing games .

Cox CKM700 is a USB interface for keyboard and mouse, and it was released at 26,000 won based on a price comparison website.

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