Let’s take a look at the contents of Steam Deck! Valve releases disassembled video with comment “I do not recommend” | Game * Spark –Domestic / overseas game information site

Valve is a portable gaming PC that is scheduled to start shipping in some areas from December 2021.Steam Deck, A video introducing the “contents” “Take a look inside Steam Deck” has been released.

This video is for the user’s question, “Can I replace the stick or SSD?” Valve said it released this video because it’s too complicated to answer “yes” or “no” to that question.

In the video, while explaining the details such as the screws of Steam Deck and the structure of the internal parts, we will introduce the process until actually taking out the stick and SSD. At Valve, it is “the user’s right” that the user disassembles the aircraft at his / her own will.Steam Deck is elaborately crafted and cannot be recommended“.

For example, he explained that there is a risk of ignition due to damage to the battery during disassembly, and that the introduction of off-the-shelf SSDs may adversely affect power and wireless adapters. If you want to increase the storage capacity, I also comment that you want to use microSD.

This video, which officially introduces the internal structure and disassembly method, is very interesting.If you disassemble, follow the video adviceOwn responsibilityThank you.

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