Letter: Trump dementia - Opinion - The State Journal-Register

Letter: Trump dementia - Opinion - The State Journal-Register

Some mental health professionals have a view that Donald Trump is a narcotic personality disorder. My understanding is that it is a mixed personality disorder, with significant features of psychopathy. There is almost any conscience, no sympathy for the pain of others, it does not care who hurts it.

Most importantly, as a person with ten years of experience in geriatric medicine, Donald Trump certainly shows signs of dementia early. For example, some of the time he denies he said something, when he was recorded to hear and see it; He simply forgot to say it.

Dementia shows different patterns of dressing and micro-vascular disease, which have different symptoms. The appearance of dementia is that some initial lobe pathophysiology in Trump. The adverse impact is poor judgment; It often involves impartiality. The worst part of the syndrome is unrealistic self-evaluation.

During Donald Trump's presidency, he has shown bad judgment. One of the worst judgments was to recommend that our military disband our Kurdish allies and leave them killed.

How long will Republicans deny we have a big problem here? This is not a dangerous issue. In my own opinion Donald Trump is not healthy enough to be chief. We need to remove it before it makes the whole world destabilize.

Jonathan Hess


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