Level Infinite, NExT Studios’ multiplayer rogue-like shooter “SYNCED” will be open beta testing from December 10th! Game introduction trailer released

On this day (November 30th), Level Infinite decided to hold an open beta test of the new multiplayer roguelike router shooting game “SYNCED” produced by NExT Studios. In the open beta test, which will be held for about 5 weeks between December 11 and January 15, 2023, PvP mode, PvE mode and cooperative play will be possible. Participation in the open beta test is possible by downloading the client from Steam or the official “SYNCED” website.

This work is a roguelike router shooting game set in the near future where technology has been at the mercy of a global catastrophe called the “Great Fall”. Nanotechnology, which once promised a hopeful future for mankind, has given birth and destroyed millions of people, who now roam the earth as nanomachines. The monsters that turned into nanomachines attacked more people, and the urban civilization was quickly destroyed.

Players become runners who have the ability to survive in any situation, and form teams of three to challenge fierce battles in order to collect valuable resources created from a nano called “Nava”. The trailer released today provides a deeper understanding of the world of “SYNCED” and introduces the main gameplay mechanics that can be tested during the open beta test period.

“SYNCED” Open Beta Test Trailer Full

“SYNCED” is a third-person shooter with a new element of “synchronizing the Nano enemy with yourself and turning it into a weapon to fight other enemies”, giving players a new experience It is said to offer. By synchronizing with different classes of Nano, such as Guardian, Crusher, Suppressor, and Shear, you can combine the loads and skills of each Runner to create a variety of tactics.

Similar to traditional looter shooters, players can secure resources in PvE and PvP games to grow their character and unlock powerful weapons and mods. In addition, with the influence of “roguelite” elements, each game is a unique game, giving players a new experience.

To commemorate the decision to implement the open beta test and the release of the new trailer, a Twitter campaign will also take place from today. If you follow the official Twitter account of “SYNCED” and retweet the tweet, you will receive an Amazon gift code of up to 10,000 yen through a lottery. In addition to this campaign, this account will run various campaigns and spread the latest in-game information during the open beta test.

“SYNCED” open beta test overview.

Period of operation: December 10, 2022 9:00 to January 15, 2023
Open beta registration site:
Operating hardware: PC

Twitter campaign overview
・Amazon gift code gift campaign
Application period: November 30, 2022 to December 10, 2022
How to participate: Follow the official “SYNCED” Twitter account and retweet the post.
Prizes: Up to 10,000 yen for 50 people
* The winners will be announced by sending a DM.

“SYNCED” product overview.
Title: “SYNCED”
Genre: Multiplayer Rogue Router Shooting Game
Platform: PC/Console
Release date: Scheduled for 2023 (Console delivery date undecided)
Price: Free to play *In-game purchases available

Steam page:

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