Level Infinite Releases PC Version of ‘Synched’ – A Cooperative Shooter Set in a Devastated World

Level Infinite has recently launched the PC version of ‘SYNCED’, a thrilling cooperative shooter created by NExT Studios and brought to gamers by the company. The game is now available for download on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Set in the post-apocalyptic landscape known as ‘Meridian,’ players will assume the roles of courageous runners in a quest to combat the relentless nanites, which have undergone a deadly transformation through advanced nanotechnology. These nanites are guarding the precious nano fuel resource called Nerva.

With the introduction of various combat elements like ▲ Companion Nanos ▲ Chip Upgrade ▲ Gun Tech ▲ and engaging PvP and PvE modes, ‘SYNCED’ promises an exhilarating gaming experience.

Once the enemy Prime Nanos are defeated, runners can synchronize with their weapons, allowing them to utilize these weapons as ‘Companion Nanos,’ a formidable power source for their allies. Strategically employing Companion Nano skills can not only bolster the strength of teammates but also turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Moreover, players can enhance their abilities through the acquisition of upgrade chips, known as Exchange Mods, which provide temporary improvements and grant special abilities during gameplay.

In ‘SYNCED,’ collected loot from defeated adversaries can be utilized in Runner Mode for permanent enhancements or stored in weapon presets, allowing players to adequately prepare for upcoming battles by increasing their power levels.

Another fascinating aspect of the game is the ‘Guntech’ feature, where weapons can be strengthened, and special functions can be added. Players can alter the mechanics of guns or even enable bullets to return and inflict additional damage upon reloading.

In the upcoming Season 1 update, the talented development team at Next Studio will introduce new runners, nanos, and expand the game’s map selection, ensuring a constant stream of fresh content for players.

Excitingly, ‘SYNCED’ will also be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this winter, guaranteeing an immersive gaming experience for console enthusiasts. For more information, including detailed updates, please visit the official website and social media channels.

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Level Infinite announced on the 8th that it has released the PC version of ‘SYNCED’, a cooperative shooter developed by NExT Studios and served by the company, on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

‘Sinked’ is set in the devastated area ‘Meridian’, where players become brave runners and fight against the terrible nanites transformed by nanotechnology to find the precious nano fuel resource, Nerva.

Specifically, ▲ Companion Nanos ▲ Chip Upgrade ▲ Gun Tech ▲ Various combat content such as PvE and PvP are introduced.

After defeating the enemy Prime Nanos, Runners can synchronize with their weapons and use them as ‘Companion Nanos’, a source of power for their allies. Runners can strategically use Companion Nano skills to enhance the power of allies and turn the tide of battle.

In addition, you can buy upgrade chips (Exchange Mods) for each game, which temporarily improve the runner’s abilities and give special abilities during the game.

In addition, players can take the loot gained from defeating enemies to the base for permanent use in Runner Mode or store it in a weapon preset, and prepare for battle by raising the power level.

In addition, ‘Guntech’ is content that strengthens weapons, and can add special functions to weapons, such as changing the mechanics of guns or allowing bullets that have already been fired to return and cause additional damage when reloading.

The Next Studio development team will introduce new runners, nanos, and map development in the upcoming Season 1 update.

Meanwhile, ‘Synched’ will also be released in PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X versions S this winter. More detailed information can be found on the official website and social channels.

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