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Lewis Hamilton, after retiring from F1 to become an actor?[F1-Gate.com]

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Seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton says he wants to train for an actor’s career after retiring from F1.

Lewis Hamilton, along with Michael Schumacher, has made a solid name in F1 history as the driver who won the most seven F1 World Champions in F1 history.

Lewis Hamilton is already very active outside of F1, including Extreme E team owners, music, music, fashion, art, and co-owner of the vegan restaurant chain Neat Burger.

Lewis Hamilton is aiming for a record-breaking eighth F1 World Champion, so F1 will be the main effort for a while, but 36-year-old Lewis Hamilton realizes he’s in the second half of his career. doing.

And when he retires from F1, he has the ambition to be trained to become an actor. And if he decides to act, he says he’ll aim for number one, like all other concerns, including F1.

“I want to act someday. I want to be number one. I want to be number one in everything I do and I want to do my best,” said Lewis Hamilton. DAZN F1 Told to.

“So if I do a movie, I want to go to that class, study and be able to express my emotions.”

“I don’t have time right now, so I’m thinking of doing it when I retire.”

Lewis Hamilton has not yet extended his contract with Mercedes since the 2021 season, but recently said he intends to stand on the F1 grid in 2022 as well, and in April Pirelli’s 2022 18-inch tire test. Prove it by participating in.

“I’m going to be here next year and I want to be part of it. I want to help Pirelli,” said Lewis Hamilton.

“It was what all of us drivers wanted to move forward with higher performance tires, so it was important to determine where the starting point was and what the difference was.”

“First of all, from the driver’s point of view, the tires have better grip, better mechanical grip and less deterioration. It was a good test and obviously the first step on the tires. Bad as a start. There is no doubt that it is not a position. ”

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