Lewis Hamilton may be demoted to 5 grids by ignoring double yellow / F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix[F1-Gate .com]

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 was summoned to Steward for ignoring the double yellow flag for the third free run of the F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton, along with a representative of Mercedes F1, will report to Steward at 7 pm local time in Jeddah to discuss the incident in FP3.

According to F1 Steward’s document, Lewis Hamilton was “summoned at 17:22 on suspicion of violating the FIA ​​International Motorsports Regulations Supplementary Provision H 2.5.5.b, Respecting the Double Yellow Flag / Light.” And that.

Lewis Hamilton may be penalized for grid demotion if double yellow is found to be ignored. Max Verstappen was penalized with a five-grid demotion for the same violation during qualifying for the F1 Qatar Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton has also been summoned for interfering with Nikita Mazepin. Mazepin had to take evasive action to avoid contact with Hamilton in the blind and fully open Sector 1.

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