Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 concerned about traffic “approaching dangerous zone” F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix[F1-Gate .com]

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 believes that Jeddah’s traffic is “Monaco-like” and that the final speed to other cars makes the situation “dangerous zone”.

The fast, narrow Jeddah Cornish circuit was first used on Friday, and Lewis Hamilton was the fastest in both sessions, but traffic emerged as a concern across the field.

The corners are largely blind, so you may not be able to see the slow car in front of you until just before, and there will be discussions at the driver’s briefing on Friday night to find a solution.

The seven-time F1 World Champion hopes to solve the traffic problem, but said he enjoys the overall experience of driving the fastest average speed circuit after Monza.

“Fast. Incredibly fast. It’s awesome. It has a lot of grip. If you get the rhythm, it’s beautiful to drive,” Lewis Hamilton told Sky F1 in FP2.

However, Lewis Hamilton said passing through traffic was a concern and had to slow down to avoid another machine on turn 10 and passed through a row of three cars fully open for the final turn. I was dissatisfied with what I did.

“It’s definitely much worse than many places we go, like Monaco,” said Lewis Hamilton.

“The approach distance and speed of other machines are definitely approaching a slightly dangerous zone.”

The Jeddah building is only completed this week, and the grip of the newly built truck is a question mark for the weekend.

Still, Lewis Hamilton says grip is fine and he was able to get to work right away on Friday.

“The first practice wasn’t that dusty. It looked dusty, but the grip was about the same in both sessions.”

“I immediately noticed that the grip was very high from the moment I started running.”

“I don’t know if we were much faster in this session. Our long run pace was similar, but otherwise it was decent.”

“I tried a few different things in the setup. Compared to others, single laps aren’t fast, but long-running pace doesn’t seem to be that bad, so I don’t know what will happen.”

“Overall I’m happy. I’ve made some changes between sessions, but I don’t know which one to go with. Tonight I’ll look into it and work with the factory guys to make it right for tomorrow. I’m going to be able to set it up. ”

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