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Lewis Hamilton “Physiotherapist Angela Karen is special” Mercedes F1[F1-Gate .com]

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Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 opened a close relationship with physiotherapist Angela Karen and paid tribute to her unwavering universality and his contribution to his success in F1.

Angela Karen is ubiquitous in Lewis Hamilton’s road life, and her job is not just to ensure the physical and mental readiness of Mercedes drivers in weekend races.

Angela Karen, a 47-year-old mother at 2 o’clock, was assigned to Lewis Hamilton by Hintsa Performance in 2016. Hintsa Performance is a science-based high-performance coaching company founded by the late Dr. Aki Hintsa, an orthopedic and trauma specialist who took care of former F1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen.

Angela Karen, who has been in charge of Lewis Hamilton since 2016 and is, in a sense, a guardian angel for Hamilton, also takes care of meals, agendas, travel arrangements and more.

Lewis Hamilton explained that before he met Angela Karen, he was always struggling without a full-time physiotherapist.

“Angela and I are naturally incredibly intimate. We live almost together,” explained Lewis Hamilton.

“We are also close friends. Angela is very special and we are very lucky to be found.”

“I didn’t have a trainer when I got to F1 and I got a trainer when I got there. They were all called Physio. And some of the trainers I was with weren’t Physio. But in the weekend race it was called Physio. “

“Usually I was working with a man who went out on the road with me and trained with me.”

“Soon, I started to realize that I sometimes had the problem of minor injuries. I thought it was something like a neck problem.”

“And no one could fix it. In retrospect, I didn’t meet Angela.”

“So I asked you to go out on the road with me. I’m not training on the weekends, I know my body and I know I need to prepare as much as I can for the weekends. And I hope I can train with her even if I’m away. “

Lewis Hamilton says Angela Karen’s contribution has been irreplaceable for years and continues to be important to his well-being and form.

“We’ve grown together in terms of how to manage the weekend, how to prepare, take a less stressful route, and make sure you feel as fresh as possible when you get on the car.”

“Angela is usually with me from 10 to 11 pm every day and from 6 to 7 am every morning. It’s a very important role. It’s a very important relationship.”

“No year is closer than this year than any other year. We are incredibly close as we are now, but I love my work.”

“We love doing what we do. We love doing it together. We are very grateful to be able to take her. I don’t think we could have achieved it without her.”

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