Lewis Hamilton “Rain is not a reason not to race for F1 drivers”[F1-Gate .com]

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 believes that the race control decision to delay the start of the Monaco Grand Prix was a mistake, saying that rain is “not a good reason” to not race.

The formation lap at the Monaco Grand Prix has been postponed twice, but the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) has released a statement that it was done with the safety of F1 drivers in mind.

“Race control was monitoring heavy rains that were rapidly approaching the circuit,” the FIA ​​said.

“The arrival of rain during the start procedure implemented a safety car start and related procedures. It was done for safety reasons, given the lack of wet running this weekend.”

Ironically, the start was delayed, and after two laps led by the safety car, the rain became heavy and it became a serious problem, and race control had to put out a red flag.

Lewis Hamilton feels that the start should have been on time.

“Do you think they didn’t do a good job? I’m not saying they made a mistake. I don’t know why they didn’t send us out from the beginning, but we’re F1 drivers, so the weather is good enough. It must not be, “Lewis Hamilton told PA News Agency.

“That’s what I was saying. When it was raining a little bit for the first time, I was like’Let’s Go’.”

“I’ll talk at the driver’s briefing, but I should have started the race.”

They were sent back to the pit lane in race order, and the F1 driver waited another 45 minutes before the race started, led by the safety car.

Race control declared a rolling start and all drivers were using full wet tires.

Later, it became clear that the rain caused a power outage that affected the starting procedure, including the lights.

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