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Lewis Hamilton struggles to get Sainz behind the lap first / F1 Styrian Grand Prix GP[F1-Gate .com]

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Carlos Sainz of Ferrari F1 described the “very strange scenario” of unwrapping the F1 Styrian Grand Prix final from Lewis Hamilton, who was competing for victory.

On the short Red Bull Ring, Carlos Sainz was lapped by Lewis Hamilton while running second while chasing Lando Norris, who was running fifth.

However, Carlos Sainz finds that Lewis Hamilton is struggling to close the gap with race winner Max Verstappen, and Ferrari wirelessly gives way to Sainz to overtake Hamilton. I sent out a wireless message.

Carlos Sainz said he was stuck behind Lewis Hamilton on 15 of the 71 laps of the race.

Carlos Sainz, who was unable to hunt down Lando Norris and finished the race in 6th place, told reporters after the race, “It was a very strange scenario.”

“I was really looking forward to catching the land because I changed to hard tires and got out of the pit and had a good pace.”

“Unfortunately, I had to get Lewis to go first with the blue flag while I was enthusiastic about the hardware, and I thought Lewis would pull away from it.”

“But for some reason, Mercedes was having a bit of a hard time with the tires and I was a lot faster than him. Knowing he was fighting for the championship and was second in the race. I didn’t want to do anything stupid because I was there. “

“I didn’t want to compromise on my race, but at the same time I knew I couldn’t catch Rand and I didn’t mean to be lapped by Rand, so I was a little impatient.”

“So, at some point I found a way to tell Mercedes with the team that they would be very happy if they let us go first. After entering the DRS range, they let us go first. I was able to chase Land again. “

“But I lost 15 laps behind Lewis. That was very important, at least to charge and put pressure on the land. On 15 laps behind him, I killed the front tires and was in the DRS range. It wasn’t ideal to try to get in. “

On Team Radio, Carlos Sainz asked Ferrari if he could talk to Mercedes and ask Lewis Hamilton to pass him.

Carlos Sainz said on the radio, “Can’t you talk to Mercedes and tell them I’ll pull you away? I told the team.

Ferrari confirmed what he could do and immediately told Sainz, “You can try unwrapping.”

Later, Sainz questioned whether it was too risky to try, and Lewis Hamilton was told by the team to pull Sainz out.

Carlos Sainz said, “Thanks to Lewis, thank you everyone.”

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