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Lexus hybrid ‘New ES’ launched in Korea

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Partial change of ‘7th Generation ES’
Info display made easier to use

Lexus Korea launched the hybrid sedan ‘New ES 300h’ on the 27th and started sales in Korea. It is a partially modified model with improved external design and safety performance from the 7th generation ES released in 2018. Provided by Lexus Korea

Lexus Korea launched the hybrid sedan ‘New ES’ in the Korean market.

The new ES, which went on sale on the 27th, is the ‘New ES 300h’ model. It is a partially modified car model of the 7th generation ES released in 2018. Some exterior design changes have been made and safety and convenience items have been improved.

On the front part, there is a grill shaped like the letter ‘L’, which symbolizes Lexus, and a rectangular light emitting diode (LED) is used for the headlight. The interior is hand-finished with high-quality materials by Lexus craftsmen called ‘Takumi’. The 12.3-inch infotainment display is positioned 112mm forward compared to the previous model, making it more convenient for drivers to use the functions. The hybrid system of the new ES 300h consists of a 2.5L D-4S gasoline engine, a large-capacity battery and two motors. Depending on the state of charge of the battery, it can be driven only by the motor at low speed and can be charged while driving. The fuel consumption efficiency per liter according to the trim (grade according to the optional item) is 16.8 to 17.2 km based on the combined standard. The performance of emergency braking assistance and cruise control has been improved, and the parking assistance brake detects not only objects in the front and rear but also pedestrians. In November, the sports trim ‘F Sport’ will also be released. The price ranges from 61.9 million won to 71.1 million won based on the 3.5% individual consumption tax.
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