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Life Center/Reported by Yan Minxiang

The medium-sized recreational NX under the Japanese car manufacturer Lexus is an important product for the brand to enter the small and medium-sized SUV class. The main customer segment is aimed at the young urban population. The car has a stylish and dynamic appearance, plus a variety of power models. Since its launch in 2014 It is selling well in the global market; as many competitors have launched new generation models, news of the NX major facelift has been circulating for a long time. Recently, foreign media finally caught the test car of the NX major facelift.

▲ Even though Lexus NX has been on the market for 7 years, it is still welcomed by many consumers. (Picture/Review Network)

From the photos, the NX big facelift test car has a heavy camouflage, unable to recognize the changes in the body contour, but the overall body line is more streamlined than the current model, bringing a more stylish atmosphere; with Toyota RAV4, Harrier Introducing a new generation of models, the NX major facelift will also be built on the GA-K platform of the TNGA modular chassis, which will not only increase the rigidity of the car body, but also increase the body size to provide a more comfortable riding space.

▲The Lexus NX facelifted test car made its debut for the first time, with a more streamlined body line than the current model. (Picture/Retrieved from motor1)

Since RAV4 launched the PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric power version, it has been rushed by consumers everywhere. It is estimated that this power will also be carried in the new NX car, becoming the first Lexus car to use PHEV power. The factory has recently registered new car names such as NX250, NX350, and NX350h, indicating that a more powerful version may be launched. Among them, NX250 may use the 2.4-liter turbo engine code-named T24A, which is rumored to be under development, and is expected to have a greater power output.

▲The Lexus NX major facelift will be built on the GA-K platform of the TNGA modular chassis, and the body size is expected to be increased. (Picture/Retrieved from motor1)

As for the NX350, it is expected to use the 3.5-liter V6 engine of the American standard Camry and Avalon. Its performance output is 301 horsepower and 36.9 kilograms of torque. As for the NX350h, it represents a more powerful Hybrid power, which is probably the RAV4 PHEV set. A plug-in gasoline-electric system with an effective output of 302 horsepower; although this NX major facelift test car is the first appearance, foreign media said that the NX major facelift will be released as soon as the end of this year.

▲The major facelift of Lexus NX is expected to be equipped with RAV4 PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric power, becoming the brand’s first PHEV model. (Picture/Retrieved from motor1)

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