LG·Samsung, fiercely compete for discount to preoccupy the’custom home appliance’ market

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LG Electronics, 40% discount when buying 4-5 products together
“Discount is a dimension of customer benefit…maximizing interior effect”

LG object collection. /LG Electronics provided

As Samsung Electronics’Bespoke’ showed prominence in the customized home appliance market, it was found that LG Electronics, who entered the market belatedly, started a massive discount on the’LG Object Collection’. If you buy 4 to 5 products together, the discount rate reaches up to 40%. It is a strategy to target the new occupancy of apartments or newlyweds who purchase a large number of home appliances at once.

According to the home appliance industry on the 22nd, the LG Object Collection is a little more expensive than the competing Samsung Bespoke product line in the price of individual products such as refrigerators, dishwashers, stylers, washing machines, and dryers. However, if you purchase four or more products together, the maximum discount rate is applied, and as a result, it becomes cheaper than Samsung Bespoke.

The discount width varies depending on the product purchase method, but in general, when purchasing four or more objects at the same time, the estimate of 15 million won is lowered to less than 10 million won. The cost can be saved around 5 million to 6 million won. According to the industry, it is possible to purchase at a lower price by adding benefits equivalent to discounts such as discount points and gift certificates according to card usage performance.

If you purchase a refrigerator, kimchi refrigerator, wash tower (washing machine + dryer), styler, dishwasher, light wave oven, and water purifier, which are called “full set of objects,” and a TV, etc., the discount rate may increase to 40% or more.

It is known that LG Objet is increasing the discount range in the name of’special discount’ for people who purchase a large number of home appliances, such as newlyweds or new apartment tenants. For this reason, dozens of articles sharing discount information related to LG Objects are posted on the Internet community that shares home appliance prices and information.

An industry insider said, “Because of the high popularity of customized home appliances, LG Electronics, which has relatively late participation in the market compared to Bespoke, has strongly promoted’LG Objects’. If you say it good, it is a’combination discount’. However, these discounts were common in the home appliance industry.”

Samsung Electronics is also selling Bespoke products through a brand discount event called’Sale Festa’. For some items, such as refrigerators, the discount rate is up to 37%. However, it is understood that the price is somewhat higher than that of’LG Objects’ when buying multiple bundles.

An official from LG Electronics said, “LG object collection is a space interior home appliance, so the effect is maximized when multiple products are purchased together,” and “It provides benefits to consumers who purchase a large number of object products.” He added, “In the year-end and New Year holidays, we usually take strong promotions, but we include LG objects in the target item. We believe that the more benefits to consumers, the higher the level of customer satisfaction. The sales atmosphere is good.”

Samsung Bespoke refrigerator. /Provided by Samsung Electronics

Customized home appliances are popular among consumers in recent years in that they can choose the panel material, composition, and color according to their preferences. As the amount of time to stay at home increases due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), this trend is increasing. As one of home decorating, the perspective of looking at home appliances is growing.

This market is believed to have settled first by Samsung Electronics. In June 2019, Samsung Electronics unveiled a’Bispork refrigerator’ that allows you to configure door panels and colors to suit your personal taste. As of the end of last year, 67% of Samsung refrigerators sold in Korea were’Bespoke’. Thanks to its popularity, kimchi refrigerators, air purifiers, dishwashers, induction ovens, and direct fire ovens were added to the product line. In addition, it has also declared its entry into the US market through CES 2021, which closed on the 14th (local time). The cumulative shipment of Bespoke is over 1 million units.

Samsung Electronics’ consumer electronics (CE) division, which is in charge of’Bespoke’, recorded sales of 1.49 trillion won and an operating profit of 1.56 trillion won in the third quarter of last year. did.

LG Electronics is also responding to the market with a customized home appliance’LG Object Collection’ last October. It is a personalized evolution of LG Objet, an existing premium home appliance product line. The front material and color can be changed. In the case of upper-refrigerated, lower-frozen refrigerators, 145 combinations are possible, such as having different colors on each of the three doors. We prepared 11 types of refrigerators, including upper and lower refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, kimchi refrigerators, 1-door refrigerator/freezer/kimchi convertible refrigerators, dishwashers, light wave ovens, water purifiers, wash towers (washing machines and dryers), and stylers.


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