LG Display unveils ‘OLED.EX’, a next-generation OLED TV panel with innovative image quality

[테크월드뉴스=이재민 기자] LG Display announced the next-generation OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV panel ‘OLED.EX’ on December 29th.

OLED.EX is a panel in which ‘EX Technology’, which is the core of OLED picture quality and consists of heavy hydrogen technology and personalized algorithm, is applied to an organic light emitting device that emits light by itself. The screen brightness (brightness) is increased by 30% compared to the existing OLED, and natural colors are reproduced more precisely.

LG Display named the next-generation panel brand ‘OLED.EX’ with the meaning of providing customers with an evolved experience through the continuous evolution of OLED.

EX Technology is characterized by applying deuterium technology and personalization algorithms to organic light emitting devices, which are the core of image quality, to complete a more robust device and precisely control it. Even the details of objects such as the sparkling particles of sunlight reflecting off the river or the grain of leaves are expressed realistically and three-dimensionally, and the original color is accurately conveyed without distortion.

LG Display succeeded in developing a high-efficiency device that emits brighter light by replacing hydrogen, a major element of organic light-emitting devices, with deuterium having a strong and stable structure for the first time in a TV panel. Deuterium is twice as heavy as normal hydrogen, as it means heavier hydrogen, and only one out of about 6,000 hydrogen elements exists in very small amounts in nature. LG Display extracted deuterium from water and applied it to organic light emitting devices.

The device to which deuterium is applied is physically more stable and stronger than the existing device, so even if the brightness is increased, it maintains high efficiency and operates stably for a long time.

The machine learning-based personalization algorithm independently developed by LG Display plays a role in smarter control of organic light-emitting devices. After learning each user’s viewing pattern, it predicts the individual usage of up to 33 million organic light emitting devices (based on 8K resolution) and precisely controls the energy input to express image details and colors more precisely.

OLED.EX has evolved one dimension in terms of design as well. Through advanced OLED manufacturing technology, the bezel of the OLED panel, which was considered a technical limitation, is reduced by 30% from the existing 6mm (mm) range to 4mm based on the 65-inch standard, providing an aesthetically superior design and an immersive screen.

LG Display plans to apply OLED.EX to all OLED TV panel series produced in Paju and Guangzhou from the second quarter of 2022. Through this, we plan to provide an advanced customer experience of OLED and accelerate the trend of OLED in the premium TV market.



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