LG Electronics blocks access to generative AI in company

LG Electronics Inc. has decided to block access to generative AI services through its intranet.

Industry sources said on Friday, LG Electronics sent an email to employees that it will open new enterprise-level ChatGPT in company’s intranet chatbot service system from the end of May.

At the same time, access to conversational AI services such as ChatGPT, Bard and Bing AI through the intranet will be blocked.

LG Electronics has previously instructed its employees not to put in any information containing company and customer data into ChatGPT, providing security guidelines on the matter.

In particular, the introduction of enterprise-level ChatGPT is part of LG Electronics’ plan to further enhance internal security.

Throughout the industry, concerns about information security issues related to generative AI services have been consistently raised.

Earlier, Samsung Electronics also announced that it would temporarily restrict the use of generative AI through internal desktop computers for employees in its DX (Device eXperience) division, starting from this month.

Samsung Electronics started to restrict the use of generative AI, which poses significant information breach risks, while internally developing its own AI tools.

The intention is to prepare optimized solutions using various forms of AI models for translation, document summary, software development support and other purposes in a secure environment, allowing the safe utilization of generative AI.

Already, some companies in the US and Japan have limited the use of internal ChatGPT due to concerns about confidential information leaks. The concerns about misuse of generative AI, including that of ChatGPT, and the potential for critical information leakage have been on the rise.

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