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LG Group’s 2020 Executive Recruitment…

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View of LG office building in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. (Photo=Global Economic Daily)

LG Electronics CEO Kwon Bong-seok was appointed as the vice-chairman as the chief operating officer (COO) of LG Corp., the holding company of the LG Group.

Vice Chairman Kwon Bong-seok, as the CEO of LG Electronics, has been leading the achievement of record-high earnings through selection, concentration, and improvement of the business structure. In the future, as the COO of LG Corporation, he will take on the role of strengthening the future preparations for the sustainable growth of the LG Group.

LG Corp. decided to hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on January 7 next year for the appointment of Vice Chairman Kwon Bong-seok as an inside director of LG Corp. If a person is appointed as an inside director at the extraordinary general meeting, the process of discussing the appointment of the representative director through the board of directors will proceed.

In addition, under the COO, LG Corp. has newly established a management strategy division, which will be in charge of discovering and investing in new future businesses, and a management support division, which will play a role in upgrading the overall operation of the holding company and management system, so that each affiliate can focus more on customer value. We plan to strengthen support for this.

To this end, President Hong Beom-shik, the current head of the management strategy team, will be promoted to the head of the business strategy division, and vice president Ha Beom-jong, who is currently the head of the finance team (CFO), will be promoted to the role of the head of the management support division.

President Ha Beom-jong, as the head of the finance team at LG Corporation, has been evaluated as contributing to strengthening business competitiveness through financial and risk management and process systematization throughout the group. In the future, President Hong will be in charge of management support tasks such as finance, legal affairs, ESG, and public relations as the head of LG’s management support division.


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