LGBTQ+ in the song After liking [IVE]

a song Liked it of the band IVE that hit the charts, making statistics PAK (Perfect All Kill) This is the 4th group in 2022, sweeping all the charts. Aibu Khao Bang!!!

So what does IVE’s after LIKE song have to do with the LGBTQ+ community? As everyone knows, IVE is a girl group, especially the younger ones.Wonyoung Jrit is the best I like Because of many factors, it makes people in the community a lot. In their latest comeback with “After LIKE”, there are many signs of the LGBTQ + community.

LGBTQ+ symbol in MV after LIKE?

In the MV of after LIKE, the most obvious thing is the color. The MV plays with all six bright, balanced colors, six people, six colors, six sets, all six color is each child’s personal color. This corresponds to the same six colors as the flag of the LGBTQ+ Community. Some people may or may not say it’s a coincidence. But we believe that this is not a coincidence. Although the six colors of the sisters and the six colors of the LGBTQ+ flag do not match each other. But I think that the Creative team think that this is the one that is suitable for the younger ones. When they come together, when setting up the silhouette scene in the background shining in the morning light, it’ n is It’s a sign of being LGBTQ+, it’s the colors of the rainbow. which is clearer than clear

This girl band has another very high standard. The two standards are the music work, costume work, production work. And most importantly, storytelling. Interpretation because if you listen through It’s like nothing, but if you listen, watch, and interpret what the Creative team wants to communicate, it’s going to be a lot of fun because every song has Aibu a lot of stuff in it. It’s an amazing Gen 4 band. Keep an eye on it in one place.



IVE’s “After LIKE” is not the first K-POP song to feature LGBTQ+, but there are also many songs like HOLLAND A K-pop idol who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, his songs are about being yourself. Dare to be yourself in a blind society Or Tenny -159cm’s song which in the MV talks about the love of two young girls who are prevented from loving each other. But probably the most classic song is a song K.will – Don’t… Released in 2012, the MV tells the story of 3 friends who are friends with a love triangle that the monk secretly likes with the heroine. But instead created a surprise for K-POP fans with a twist ending where the monk doesn’t secretly like the heroine, but secretly likes the main character. These three songs are only part of the LGBTQ+ community, but there are also many that insert the LGBTQIA+ presence in K-pop.

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