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LH 2nd pre-registration… Application for ‘General Supply for Public Sale’ begins on the 1st

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The application for general supply of public sales for the second advance subscription of this year for third-generation new towns will begin on the 1st. If you are a homeless member living in the metropolitan area or a subscription savings subscriber (within ranking), you can apply.

Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) announced on the 31st that it will start accepting applications for the second advance subscription for public sale and residents of the metropolitan area of ​​hope for newlyweds from the 1st.

In the second pre-order, which has been in progress since the 25th, 10,102 homes (5976 for public sale, 4126 homes for Newlyweds Hope Town) will be supplied in a total of 11 districts. In the case of the previously closed special supply for public sale, an average of 8.3 to 1, and an average of 2.3 to 1 in the case of supply to the Newlyweds Hope Town.

Of the 5976 homes for public sale, 935 were for general sale. By district, Namyangju Wangsuk 2 (225 households), Seongnam Sinchon (46 households), Uijeongbu Friendship (150 households), Incheon Geomdan (179 households), and Paju Unjeong (335 households) are included. In the first pre-order, in the case of general sales for public sale, there was a competition ratio of hundreds to one at most. Newlyweds Hope Town is supplied without distinction between special and general supply.

In order to apply for the general supply of public housing, you must be a member of a homeless household living in the metropolitan area as of October 15, the announcement date of the occupant recruitment, and a subscription savings subscriber (within ranking). If you are applying for a house with an exclusive area of ​​60㎡ or less, you must also meet the asset holding and income standards.

The date of application for general supply differs depending on the place of residence and priority, so be sure to check in advance. On the 1st, among the first priority of general supply, ‘a resident of a region with a period of three years or more without a home and a recognized amount of payment of 6 million won or more’ can apply.

On the 2nd, ‘all residents of the area’ among the first priority of general supply can apply. On the 3rd and 5th, ‘residents of Gyeonggi-do and other regions (metropolitan)’ among the 1st priority for general supply, and on the 8th, for all the 2nd priority for general supply, the application is accepted.

In the case of Newlywed Hope Town, applications for ‘Gyeonggi-do and other areas (capital area)’ will be accepted for Uiwang Wolam (A1 · A3 blocks) and Suwon Dangsu (A5 blocks) on the 1st to 5th.


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