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Li Shufu’s acquisition of Meizu-made mobile phones, Geely and Huawei/Xiaomi will eventually go to the same PK stage



Geely, Huawei, and Xiaomi will eventually go to the same PK stage.

Author: Du Yuxin

Editor in charge丨Cao Jiadong

Editor丨Zhu Jinbin

July 4th seems to be a good day.

In the morning, Hubei Xingji Times Co., Ltd. invested by Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, officially signed a contract to acquire a 79.09% controlling stake in Meizu Technology. According to internal sources, Xingji mobile phones are mainly in the high-end market, and the price range may be 6,000-9,000 yuan.

In the afternoon, Huawei released 7 new products in one breath in the summer, but the focus of the entire conference was no longer on mobile phones, and about half of the time was spent on the release of the Wenjie M7, a car product priced from 319,800 yuan , One and a half hours to talk about a car product, no matter the details, which is also very rare in the car rim.

In the evening, Xiaomi released 8 products including 12 series mobile phones, 1-inch main camera, 4nm process Snapdragon 8+ processor and Leica joint name, which allowed Xiaomi to set a new benchmark in the field of mobile phones, especially when Huawei mobile phones were suppressed and not. After lukewarm. Mi fans asked in the barrage of the press conference, when will Xiaomi cars come?

Geely, the leading company in autonomous vehicles, has officially entered the Red Sea market of mobile phones in order to achieve ecological integration and coordination, regardless of external doubts;salesAgainst the background of the slump, pushing the monthly sales volume of the world to reach a peak of 7,000 units can be said to have created another myth of a new force; Xiaomi, which has been pushed to the throne from time to time, has further consolidated its leadership in mobile phones and created a new generation of mobile phones. One step Lei Jun cut into the car as a solid backing.

But in fact, whether Geely, Huawei, or Xiaomi,smart carThe technological innovation and ecological synergy and integration with smartphones are the general trend. In the future, three companies in different fields, different tracks, and different starting lines will eventually reach the same goal. Under the same thinking logic, they will eventually go to the same PK platform.

Geely’s mobile phone logic

Behind every business behavior of Li Shufu, there is his in-depth thinking, whether it is Volvo’s acquisition of the century, or the investment in Daimler’s joint venture smart, whether it is the layout of flying cars or the launch of low-orbit satellites. Whether it burns money or is not optimistic, there is often a very high-level and far-sighted business value behind it.

From a simple point of view, when the economic environment rebounded from a trough, Li Shufu’s official acquisition of Meizu Technology was a bargain hunter. The more direct reason is that Meizu has a complete system and process, and last year’s profitability was not bad, from the technical level and the asset level, it was very good.

Although Meizu’s mobile phone market share has dropped to freezing point, it is not a problem to resume development through Geely’s blood transfusion. At least judging from the current information, although Li Shufu’s company controls Meizu, Meizu still maintains independent operation and consolidates the existing product sequence matrix. The Xingji era mainly hits the high-end, and plays a synergistic effect in the field of vehicle system and travel.

In fact, Meizu has strong research and development capabilities. The Android-based Meizu Flyme system is becoming more and more perfect, with a clean interface, flat design, smooth and stable operation, and a high level of interaction. It is widely recognized by consumers and has a group of loyal fans. What’s more worth mentioning is that technology grafting is what Geely is best at.

When new forces use IT thinking to subvert the industry’s perception of automobiles time and time again, they have achieved numerous victories, and beat traditional car companies powerless; If you want to buy a logo with a logo, you can buy a level that traditional car companies can’t even dream of. When Xiaomi and Apple cars are eager to try, they have the power to continue to subvert the industry trend. Geely, as a traditional car company, and Li who has witnessed the development history of Chinese cars for more than 20 years For Shu Fu, this kind of change and impact is really too fast.

In 2015, Geely can proudly say that its launch of the intelligent Internet car Boyue is indeed very competitive, and has helped Geely to reach the pinnacle of its own brand. However, in just 6-7 years, car intelligence has shifted from intelligent voice to intelligent cockpit. In the face of the impact of new car manufacturers, Geely’s intelligent experience, even if it has realized the transformation from GKUI to Galaxy OS, but in the face of “Wei Xiaoli” and the menacing coming of Huawei and Xiaomi, Li Shufu is also worried about the car factory’s Thinking is always one step behind the times.

In the new era of smart cars, Geely needs Meizu. Before this strategic investment was officially completed, Geely’s Lynk & Co model had already announced that it would be equipped with FlymeonCar, a new in-vehicle system built by Meizu. In addition, there are many brands under Geely Group, so that the current Galaxy OS system and FlymeonCar form an internal competition mechanism, which is also a way to improve the level of intelligence.

Of course, just like sending Geely’s engineers to Volvo to study, the intelligent R&D engineers in Geely’s system understand the design and development process of the intelligent operating system by contacting the research and development of the mobile phone system, and win over and train a large number of intelligent mobile terminal engineers, which is conducive to The transformation of future automobiles to mobile intelligent terminals, as well as the rapid upgrade and iteration of intelligent research and development of models, will explore the way for automobile intelligent cockpits and the next generation of intelligent vehicles.

As for positioning high-end, whether there is a market for 6000-9000 yuan mobile phones, it is hard to say, it depends on whether the strength of the chip, system, experience and other aspects can be matched. After all, there is no news to prove that the Xingji era itself.

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