Li Tie apologizes to the Football Association, saying that he does not want to cause trouble

Li Tie apologizes to the Football Association for saying that he doesn’t want to cause trouble

This month will be announced through official channels whether the final coaching change

On the afternoon of November 30th, the Chinese men’s football team conducted the last outdoor training of this period of closed training at the Suzhou Taihu Base, but it is likely to be the “last lesson” led by the current coach Li Tie. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily was informed that, combined with previous controversial personal words and deeds, especially the alleged violation of “sending pictures and carrying goods”, Li Tie himself recently took the initiative to approach Chen Xuyuan, Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, to conduct a deep self-review and sincerely apologize to the Association. The leader verbally expressed the meaning of “no more trouble to the team and the association”.

Although this move is tantamount to verbal resignation, the selection and selection of the national team’s head coach are of great importance, and the production of relevant decisions requires strict implementation of procedures. Regarding where Li Tie is going, the Chinese Football Association will submit a report to the higher-level management department. After obtaining the approval, the final result will be announced through official channels in December.

In the recent period, public opinion voices surrounding Li Tie’s personal controversial remarks and suspected violations have been one after another. Some media and media people also concluded with a more positive tone that Li Tie will definitely “dismiss get out of class” and will be replaced by another local coach, Li Xiaopeng, a teammate of Li Tie who played for the national team.

The National Football Team will be collectively transferred to Shanghai today for “observation”

As of the evening of December 1, the answer to the question about whether Li Tie will dismiss get out of class has not been produced through official channels. On the afternoon of November 30th, Li Tie and the national football team conducted the last outdoor training of this closed training session at the Suzhou Taihu Football Base. The team then had a one-day holiday on December 1, and was collectively transferred to Shanghai on December 2 for “independent observation.” As some Chinese Super League teams have recently come to Shanghai to prepare for the Chinese Super League, some international football teams will directly meet with the club teams at that time, and the national football coaching staff will not arrange any group training in Shanghai.

Li Tie admits to “producing trouble for the National Football Association and the Football Association”

It can be said that the national football team at this moment continues to prepare for battle in a calm atmosphere. Regarding all kinds of negative news about Li Tie from the outside world, the team members, including Li Tie himself, had no time to bother. However, Li Tie himself regretted his controversial remarks and even wrong actions. It is understood that in recent days after training, Li Tie took the initiative to find Chen Xuyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association who was also under quarantine observation in the national football delegation, and expressed deep apologies to the latter and the association for his improper words and deeds. Li Tie believes that it is precisely because of his uncomfortable behavior that has caused trouble for the entire team, including the Chinese Football Association, which supports his work, and has involved all parties in the whirlpool of controversy, thereby adversely affecting the team’s preparations. While expressing regret, Li Tie also verbally expressed to the leaders of the association that he would not cause trouble to the National Football Association and the association. At the same time, he urged the leaders of the Chinese Football Association to make proper arrangements for him and related matters. Although Li Tie did not submit a formal written resignation to the Association, but combined with the significant impact his words and deeds have caused inside and outside the football world, this verbal statement is tantamount to an oral resignation to the leaders of the Chinese Football Association.

It should be noted that, just like the Chinese Football Association’s public selection of the national football coach, even if the two parties or one party intends to terminate the cooperation early during the contract period, the final result needs to be produced through strict procedures. If Li Tie proposes to formally resign, he must also go through the approval procedure. The Chinese Football Association must also submit relevant reports to the higher-level sports management department in accordance with the procedures, and then decide whether to agree to Li Tie’s resignation and confirm the new coach candidate based on the results of the approval.

Representatives of relevant decision-making levels have communicated with Li Xiaopeng

Combining recent information from various channels, Li Xiaopeng, the current local coach of the Chinese Super League Wuhan team, has become the top candidate for the national football coach. Relevant decision-making representatives also met with him recently to communicate related matters. Not surprisingly, the Chinese Football Association will choose a date to announce the final results in December after the National Football Association ends the closed training camp in Suzhou.

It is worth noting that Li Tie has not responded to various negative rumors about himself recently. According to informed sources, although the coaching change is a high probability event, Li Tie, as a professional coach, always maintains a professional side during his work and leads the team to train seriously as always.

If Li Tie finally leaves the national football coaching position, the main reason is undoubtedly his controversial remarks and suspected violations. Such “dismissal” methods are generally rare in international football. The Chinese team left to the coach is tantamount to a “hot potato.” No matter who takes it, in addition to courage, he may need to come up with a convincing record and a deep understanding of how to be a person. This is determined by the “characteristics of Chinese football arena”. As the Chinese team is currently in a difficult situation in the top 12 competition, it is only a matter of time before it is out of the game. Therefore, in this coaching change caused by Li Tie’s personal controversial words and deeds, no one is the real winner.

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