Li Yaping feels sorry for her granddaughter, “It’s all fate”, Ji Baoru sighed after revealing the recent situation

Entertainment Center / Reported by Xu Jiahui

The second daughter of the artist Yu Tian and the second daughter of Li Yaping, Yu Yuanqi, died of rectal cancer in August this year (2022) at the age of 39, leaving behind a pair of children. The news caused great sadness for everyone. Yu Yuanqi died for 3 months, and the whole family has worked hard In order to fulfill his “greatest last wish” to go with the child, the family celebrated Yu Yuanqi’s daughter Lele’s 5th birthday a few days according to. In the photo, Li Yaping showed a smile that was lost for a long time, but lost a lot of weight. Regarding this, Li Yaping’s sister-in-law, Ji Baoru, revealed the real situation.

Ji Baoru revealed Li Yaping’s recent situation. (Photo / FTV News Network)

According to the “Liberty Times” report, Ji Baoru revealed that he called Li Yaping and could still feel her sadness. Ji Baoru sighed and said, “Oh! It’s really not easy. Ask her if she wants to come out, but she is unwilling. I can hear her. I have not yet opened my heart and walked out”, and Yu Tian’s condition is not very good, because Li Yaping’s bad mood will also affect Yu Tian, ​​​​​​​​​​​so Yu Tian is naturally unhappy, but Yu Tian is a politician and he needs to cheer up to serve’ the people. Ji Baoru also mentioned that Lele is now taken by Yu Yuanqi’s husband, Gary, and spends less time with the Yu family, but she is still loved by Li Yaping. She also said that Lele is precocious and sensible.

Li Yaping’s family recently helped Yu Yuanqi’s daughter Lele celebrate her 5th birthday. (Photo / Reposted from Yu Xiaoping’s Facebook page)

Li Yaping revealed on his private Facebook a few days ago that it seems that Lele’s birthday this year is very repulsive to make wishes. Obviously, making a wish is something she’s been looking forward to. Li Yaping sighed, “If she knows that Santa Claus is fake, it’s impossible to make a wish. Poor little Lele, you have to know that life is everything…you have to grow up up well, be healthy and happy, right?” Yu Tian also mentioned that Yu Yuanqi’s critical condition is critical and the child is the most worrying thing. He told his family to take good care of her on her behalf, and the Yu family tried their best to get out of the sadness and help take Bring the children to a barbecue together, play with fairy sticks, and go with Lele to the amusement park with his girlfriend Rou Rou, and fulfill Yu Yuanqi’s last wish with all his heart.

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