Lid fault at Parambikulam dam, advisory warning along Chalakudy river

7:14 AM IST:

Governor Arif Muhammad Khan will leave for Delhi today as the publicity war with the Kerala government continues. The governor goes to North India after making a condition that he will not sign controversial bills and if he signs other bills, the ministers or the secretary must come in person. The Governor conveyed his conditions to the Chief Secretary who met him at the Raj Bhavan. The governor has already made it clear that he will not sign the Lokayukta Act Amendment Bill and the Universities Act Amendment Bill. The Governor, who leaves for Delhi today, will not return to Kerala this month. It is clear that the governor will return early next month.

7:13 AM IST:

The postmortem of Abhirami, who committed suicide in Kollam due to a foreclosure notice in his house, will be conducted today. There is widespread protest against the bank at the event. Various organizations will hold a protest march to Kerala Bank’s Pataram branch today.

7:12 AM IST:

In Parambikulam Dam, the lid was damaged. Of the three lids that were lifted, one of them lifted more. Out of the three lids, there was a technical fault with the lid in the middle. With this, the amount of water that flows increased. All three lids are raised 10cm each. 20000 cubic feet of water flows into Peringalkuth. Due to this, a high alert has been issued in Chalakudy River

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