Life by You, a lifestyle game that simulates living, is launching alongside The Sims later this year for sure!

Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 11:19:37 PM, Indochina time

Launched a lifestyle simulation game that simulates living life. Life from you Let’s play for sure at the end of 2023!

Life from you Paradox Interactive’s The Sims inspired lifestyle simulation game, which many of you may be familiar with from Cities: Skylines, features former The Sims 2 producer Rod Humble as lead developer.

Although it is said to be a life simulation game like The Sims, but Life by You will come in an open world format. where no scene is loaded We will build a residential city. A character in our own way, living life, making friends, building relationships with nearby characters, making a career, climbing the career ladder. get married, build a family to build our own business The development team has said that the characters in the game will use real language when chatting.

From the examples I’ve seen, it’s nice to play too. Let Phil build a city, create a character, and customize it as you wish. And we can also choose to play any character that is in the game. In addition, the team clearly stated that it wouldSupports all modding formats Fully customizable from house paint to character dialogue!

Now, modders, get ready. Any gamer who is a mod type, this event will definitely be enjoyed!

The game will be open to play. Early Access at the end of 2023, this is around 12 months long. which will start releasing the game to play togetherSeptember 12th on Steam

Anyone who is a fan of simulation games, simulating life or wants to try something new to play, hit the Wish List and wait!


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