“Life is a street… ” 100 dancers who were proud of popping, Poppin Hyunjun gave one shot

Poppin Hyun-jun gave a tip to a number of dancers who shot Monica in the controversy over ‘Poppin Popping’.

Below is YouTube ‘Poppin Hyunjun’

In a video uploaded to the official YouTube channel on the 28th, Poppin Hyun-jun said, “To be honest, I think the part of the street scene where I was stung and stung broke.

He continued, “In a small town, an artist who surprised the world was born. The villagers shouldn’t be swearing at the artist because he only works in the world. We should support them. To say that the only thing is true is in itself an error and a complete contradiction, I think.”

Poppin Hyun-jun said, “I’d like to suggest dancing with a slightly more open mind. The wrong part makes me sting and I just have to not make such a mistake. Our life doesn’t have to be on the street, does it?” He gave a tip to the dancers who shot him.

Netizens who saw Poppin Hyun-jun’s video criticized the dancers who posted sniper comments such as “It’s crushing bones”, “It’s a real black history”, and “Honestly, no one seems to want to learn Poppin now.”

JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’

Earlier, about 100 dancers including Hoan caused a stir by pointing out that Monica incorrectly explained the difference between ‘Popping’ and ‘Poppin’ in JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’.

However, contrary to what they pointed out, Monica accurately explained in the broadcast, “All movements of pop are called popping, but they are also called ‘poppin’.”

The dancers who pointed out Monica's explanation SNS capture photos / online community below
SNS capture photos of the dancers who pointed out Monica’s explanation / Below are the online communities ‘Theku’, ‘Knowing Bros’

Netizens said to the dancers who left sniper comments, including Hoan, “The dancers did not watch the broadcast properly and only looked at the capture screen with the word ‘Poppin’ written in the subtitles. “Popping and popping are the same thing, and even several dancers who pointed out that popping is correct have used popping and popping interchangeably,” he pointed out.

Hoan video pointed out by netizens / Hoan YouTube
Hoan video pointed out by netizens / Hoan YouTube

As the netizens pointed out, the dancers including Hoan said, “I had no intention of sniping Monica-sama with the name-related part of the style I put up in my opinion. We apologize for using the video to upload the story.”



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