Life Needs of Life Khloe Meddling - Hollywood Estate

Life Needs of Life Khloe Meddling - Hollywood Estate

Khloe Kardashian is not calling Rob Kardashian for courting to help her game, and he likes to stay out of business, we are learning exclusively!

Khloe Kardashian there was only a ribbon Rob Kardashian when she asked him on Twitter to do flirting publicly with the singer Natti Natasha, but he is not misled by his sister's antics. Rob, who we have learned, would love if his big sister kept his nose out of his business! “Rob realizes that Khloe wants to take care of his best interests, but at the same time he wants her to love her love – no matter whether she was just teasing or playful,” close to Arthur George sock designer told HollywoodLife ORGANIZATIONAL.

“He understands where she comes from and that she just wants to help, but she is an adult man and just wants to navigate her own love life,” said the source. “Rob knows that the public will always be watching, especially after everything that happened to him Plaque (post-fencee). But, he is very independent and will be dated to everyone he is happy with, regardless of his sister's concern. ”Maybe he'd have to deal with it, however. As a separate source HollywoodLife EXCEPT, the love of his sisters may be all.

Rob and Natti are not crying about how they feel. The pair are always smelling on Twitter, and she asked him to be a good father on Father's Day. The Kardashians want to bring them together already! “Rob's sisters are encouraging him to go and bring him on a real date,” said the source. “They love being a woman with her own thing and she is gorgeous. [Natti is] making him happy and giving him encouragement. ”

HollywoodLife they met Rob Kardashian's representative for comment but did not hear it back.

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