Lift ‘indoor mask duty’… Public transport and hospitals maintained

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From today, you can take off your mask even indoors.

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However, there are still places that need to be used, such as hospitals and public transport.

Reporter Lim So-jeong summed it up in detail.

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The only time I could take my mask off inside was when I was eating in a restaurant or cafe.

I had to wear a mask when I wasn’t eating.

From today, you don’t have to wear and remove your mask in restaurants.

This is because the obligation to wear a mask indoors disappears.

But there are still places to write.

Medical establishments such as hospitals and pharmacies are required to wear masks.

You can remove your mask inside a supermarket.

However, if you go to the ‘pharmacy’ in the mart like this, you have to wear a mask again.

Public transport such as buses, taxis, planes and subways is one such place.

Wearing a mask is mandatory even in nursing and other facilities, but there are exceptions.

If there is no outside access, even if you remove your mask, you will not be fined for negligence even if you remove your mask in a single room in an establishment medical or in a multi-person room in a facility.

With the exception of school buses, mask wearing is left for voluntary use in daycare centers and schools that are about to open.

In addition, it is necessary to confirm that all local governments can also place a mandatory place to wear a mask.

The day when I can remove my mask after 27 months.

There are also expected reactions.

[이주연/서울 화곡동]

“They say you still have to wear it on public transport, so maybe you take it off when you notice the people around you, but I want it pull away whenever possible.”

There are many people who want to continue using it.

[이재분/서울 망우동]

“You have to wear it on the bus and on the train. Maybe in my case, I can’t take it off. It’s become a habit, so I don’t wear a mask anymore. At that time, I might don’t wear it.”

Quarantine authorities still recommend wearing a mask in places where many people gather or in situations where you are vulnerable to infection.

This is Im So-jung from MBC News.

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