Lifting Corona ‘quarantine duty’ today… Virtual daily recovery

He confirmed that the obligation to quarantine and wear masks in local clinics and pharmacies for corona19 patients has been lifted from today.

The government has downgraded the Corona 19 crisis warning level from ‘serious’ to ‘warning’ from 0:00 today (1st).

As a result, on January 20, 2020, after the first confirmed case of Corona 19 in Korea, it was almost restored to everyday life in about 3 years and 4 months.

Along with a downward adjustment in the infectious disease emergency level, the ‘7-day quarantine obligation’ for confirmed cases of corona19 has been changed to a ‘5-day quarantine recommendation’.

Those who have been confirmed with Corona 19 in the last week and have been subject to quarantine obligations will also be able to take part in outdoor activities as ‘isolation recommendations’ are applied from today regardless’ the remaining period.

However, the government intends to encourage schools and workplaces to prepare and implement their own guidelines to establish a culture of taking time off when sick.

Even after the indoor mask duty was lifted, the duty to wear a mask in local clinics and pharmacies, which remained an exception, has also changed to a full recommendation.

However, for the time being, hospital-grade medical institutions and resident-type infection-prone facilities, which have beds and have a dense patient population, will maintain the obligation to wear them.

The recommended gene amplification test (PCR) for those arriving within the third day of entry has also expired.

Even after the level of crisis subsides, the COVID-19 medical response system and support for treatment costs will be maintained for the time being.

Vaccination is available to anyone free of charge, treatment is provided free of charge, and treatment costs for all inpatients continue to be supported. In addition, some quarantine support, such as living support costs and paid vacation expenses, will be maintained for the time being.

The operation of screening clinics for PCR tests will be maintained, but the operation of the existing 9 temporary screening clinics has been suspended.

The government’s response approach has also been changed from being overseen by the Central Headquarters for Disaster and Security Countermeasures (Critical Response Headquarters), which is headed by the Prime Minister, to being overseen by the Central Headquarters on for Accident Treatment (heavy water version) focus on the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The daily COVID-19 statistics, which were released at 9:30 am every day except holidays and Sundays, will now be changed to weekly statistics and published every Monday afternoon.

In the future, when the second stage measures, where the level of the infectious disease COVID-19 is reduced from Level 2 to Level 4, are carried out, Corona 19 surveillance will also change from complete monitoring to sample monitoring. he did

The costs of treatment and hospital support are expected to be gradually reduced after the second phase, and the government predicts that the second phase will be taken in ‘a month or two’.

However, if a large-scale resurgence occurs again after the crisis level has subsided, the quarantine authorities will pre-emptively review reinforced quarantine measures.

Non-face-to-face treatment, which was allowed for a period when the Corona 19 crisis stage was ‘serious’, will continue without gaps in the form of a pilot project from today.

However, unlike the time allowed for a limited period, which was possible without a difference between first and second visits, from next month, non-face-to-face treatment will be available to patients who n return who has experience of face-to-face treatment. in the relevant medical institution.

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