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What are the options for thin screen flagship phones in the market? In fact, there are not many, there are Samsung S22, iPhone 13 mini, Zenfone 9, etc., and Sony Xperia 5 IV was launched in Hong Kong earlier, which is the main machine with careful and excellent performance. We will do a detailed unboxing review for this Xperia 5 IV, but it will be divided into two articles. This article will focus on unboxing, appearance, performance and battery life. Without further ado, read on!


▲ The Xperia 5 IV continues the previous beautiful and elegant design, but the battery and camera specifications have been improved, but the S8 Gen 1 processor will inevitably make people feel a little uneasy before buying, so today we will bring you to know more about its actual usage status.

Unpacking, Appearance and Audio Functions

I have to say that the appearance of the Xperia 5 series has always been very popular in my heart. The simple and square design, together with the ultra-narrow body that can be held around the hand, can be feel deeply as long as it is. lightweight and portable, that’s where the charm lies.

It is commendable that although the thickness of the fuselage has been slightly increased to 8.2mm this time, the battery capacity is on par with the Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 10 IV, and has been increased big to 5000mAh. This battery capacity can be said to be the flagship ceiling level, but What is even more exciting is that the Xperia 5 IV weighs only 172g, and it also maintains a light team. For the flagship models of more than 200g, the Xperia 5 IV is actually a representative of easy -to-grab and portable, payment.

This time, the frame and the back cover glass are designed with a matte finish. I think the overall texture is better than the previous generation Xperia 5 III, and the frame of the mobile phone has also to break. The matte texture brings anti-slip at the same time. , the softer cutting edge also has the advantage of a smooth grip without scratching your hands. Overall, this phone still has to give high marks in the design department.



Today we received the white model! The recent SONY mobile phone environmental protection box is very well made. Basically, there is only a mobile phone in the box, and there are a few manuals. There are no chargers and charging transmission lines. In addition, the mobile phone SIM can be opened without a card pin, so even the SIM No needles attached.



▲67mm ultra-narrow body + smooth bezel with trimmed edges, the whole phone has an excellent one-handed grip, and can even be held in a one-handed circle, with a high sense of security.


▲This white color will have a slightly warm yellow-green color under different light. I really like the simple and square design of SONY mobile phones.


▲ The power button and volume button along with fingerprint recognition are arranged on the right side of the phone.


▲ There are quick-plug SIM card slots, microphones, and Type-C charging and transmission holes on the bottom.


▲There is a microphone on the top and a 3.5mm headphone which I really like. (As an aside, the author has recently started enjoying the high sound quality of wired headphones again. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack without adapters, which is much more friendly to audiophiles who value sound quality.)


▲ The Xperia 5 IV also has a tradition of closing an independent camera.


▲ In addition to supporting dual physical SIM cards, the second card slot can also be used as a memory card expansion, which is more convenient for users with this part of the usage needs.

Efficiency, battery life and thermal conditions

In the performance part, since it has the flagship S8 Gen 1 processor, most people do not need to worry too much about the performance of the performance part, but we know that what everyone is more concerned about is whether the actual use of the heat has improved. , so this time, the temperature is also measured specifically for the usage conditions of different scenarios.

After the S8 Gen 1 processor has been tuned for a while, in fact, various manufacturers have been able to greatly improve the heat condition. Taking the Xperia 5 IV as an example, when it is turned on to restore a large number of applications, the hottest area of ​​the fuselage will only become. When the temperature reaches 39 degrees (the indoor temperature was 27 degrees at the time ), it won’t be too hot, but as long as you use a mobile phone, even if you just swipe Facebook and Line, it will still be warm The hottest temperature has been measuring around 36 degrees. In the -38 degree range, the hottest area is also next to the lens area on the back of the camera.

It is inevitable that the temperature will increase after running the performance test, but it is still within the range we can accept. The more serious fever condition is when 10 minutes of continuous 4K resolution video recording, the hottest area on the back of the camera reaches a temperature of 45 degrees, and the mobile phone system also displays a high temperature warning (the temperature was indoor also only 27 degrees at the time. ), I personally think that if the temperature of the hottest area is higher than 42 degrees when using the mobile phone, it will affect the experience If you usually take a hot spring, you will know that the water temperature of 42 degrees is not suitable for everyone. After all, the phone is used in the hand, and body heat has a very direct effect on the user experience. Overall, the heat of the Xperia 5 IV has improved compared to when the previous generation Xperia 5 III was launched, but after all, it is a compact body design It is impossible to say that there is no heat, but it’ n also closer to the temperature control performance acceptable to ordinary people. In this part, we also provide performance test results for your reference.

Screenshot_20220910-150211.png Screenshot_20220910-150244.png

▲ Geekbench test results

Screenshot_20220910-151749.png Screenshot_20220910-151852.png

▲ PCmark test results.

Screenshot_20220910-150820.png Screenshot_20220910-150840.png

▲ 3Dmark test results.

Next, let’s talk about the battery. This time, the battery capacity of Xperia 5 IV has been significantly improved. A 5000mAh battery is packed into such a small body, but there is still a small improvement of the it must be mentioned, that is, wireless charging has finally joined the Xperia 5 series. . The advantage of wireless charging is that you can directly charge your mobile phone when you put it on the table. It is very convenient to save the steps of plugging and unplugging, and the charging function is – wireless also makes this mobile phone more in line with the flagship feeling!

And we mentioned at the beginning of the title that this phone is very durable. In addition to the weather resistance in the design, the other thing is the battery life! We actually took the Xperia 5 IV to test battery life streaming video, connecting the phone to the Internet via Wi-Fi, turning off automatic screen brightness, turning off the 120Hz refresh rate, and setting screen brightness and volume. to about 50%, and the video resolution set. At 1080p, after an hour of playing Youtube, the battery capacity dropped from 92% to 87%, a drop of only 5 percent. After conversion, the Xperia 5 IV can watch high definition streaming videos continuously for 20 hours when fully charged. This battery life is quite good and satisfactory.



▲ After continuously playing high-definition YouTube streaming videos for an hour, the power dropped only 5% The battery life of the large battery and the 6.1-inch screen seems to be very good!

Screenshot_20220911-003808.png Screenshot_20220911-003817.png


▲ Regarding the charging part, since we didn’t get Sony’s exclusive 30W fast charging charger, we can only test it with the PD fast charging charger at hand, so we can’t examine the charging efficiency part. But it can be found that the temperature control default of the Xperia 5 IV is very careful when charging, and the whole process does not exceed 40 degrees.


▲ Everyone should have experience. When the new mobile phone is switched on for the first time and restored, the temperature of the mobile phone will rise significantly. Taking Xperia 5 IV as an example, the actual temperature experienced at the moment is 39 degrees, which is not particularly hot.



▲ It is not obvious that it is hot during normal use. At most, it is warm at any time during use, However, during the test of recording 4K videos continuously, there is a particularly hot situation.

Regarding the audio and video performance and the performance of the mobile phone camera, click here to continue to the next article!

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