Light comedy movie “Nine Sisters” premiere in Beijing, God predicts standardized management of e-commerce live

Source Title: Beijing Premiere of Light Comedy Movie “Nine Sisters” God Prophecy E-commerce Live Broadcast Standardized Management

On January 7, the premiere of the realist film “Nine Sisters”, which focused on the digital economy to boost rural revitalization and praised the party’s centuries-old glory, was held in Beijing. The film is directed by Wang Hongxu as chief producer, Zhang Shuming as producer, Wei Qing as chief director, co-directed by Li Qi, co-writer by Min Yan and Bai Tiejun, co-starring Yang Tongshu, Guo Jiaming, Gao Fang, Hu Qiusheng, Ma Shuchao, Cheng Liuyi, etc. . All the creators made their debut at the premiere press conference. Old leaders of the film and television industry, seniors, relevant publicity and cultural and artistic management departments and institutions, many industry actors, producers, directors and other stars attended the scene. Assist the rural revitalization enterprise Yongpida, Century Xingcheng, assist the healthy Chinese enterprise Yuhai Pearl, assist the Beautiful China Enterprise Group, Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Helping Platform Xiaokang Longjiang, as well as films such as Minyan Culture, Dongfang Shangdian, Songyou Jiuzhou, etc. The joint producer and joint propaganda party also all came to the scene to help out.

Director Wei Qing re-directs the main melody light comedy depicting the construction of a new countryside

The final trailer of “Nine Sisters” was played at the press conference, and it was officially announced that the film will be screened in theaters nationwide on January 9. The film is directed by veteran director Wei Qing and adapted from the novel “Jiumei Village” by Heilongjiang writer Min Yan. Min Yan and Bai Tiejun acted as screenwriters. It tells the story of Jin Jiumei, a rural grassroots party member and cadre in Northeast rural areas, and Lu Feng, the first secretary of poverty alleviation in the village, leading the villagers We use e-commerce to help farmers and realize the moving story of rural economic revitalization.

Unlike other movies with the main theme, “Nine Sisters” is light-hearted and funny despite its new rural theme. Director Wei Qing has directed masterpieces in realistic themes such as “Three Gorges Family” and “My Folks My Brother”. In this regard, the director of the guard said on the spot that the original intention of “Nine Sisters” was to dedicate the party for a century, and the style of light comedy will help the film to be loved by the audience. “The “14th Five-Year Plan” for Chinese Film Development issued by the National Film Administration “It is mentioned that the new mainstream movies should focus on telling Chinese stories, shaping the Chinese image, promoting the Chinese spirit, and fully demonstrate cultural self-confidence with innovative expressions. “Nine Sisters” is an innovation in the expression of new mainstream movies. In 2021, three domestic films will be among the top ten in the global box office list, two with the main theme and one comedy, and “Nine Sisters” combines the main theme and light comedy elements. I believe the film will also be popular with mainstream audiences after it is released.”

To undertake the extension of “Storm and Rain” to Shibadong Village to witness a hundred years of glory

In the ultimate trailer released on the spot, some of the movie’s highlights were also exposed in advance: The plot of “Nine Sisters” inherited the story background of the classic old movie “The Storm” during the land reform period, as well as the relationship between some characters, and continued to the new era and new countryside. After completing the poverty alleviation, the party member Jin Jiumei innovatively used e-commerce to help the farmers, and led the fathers and villagers toward common prosperity. The plot of the film also extended to Shibadong Village, which is the initiative of poverty alleviation.

As the filming location and the film’s story, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department attaches great importance to the film “Nine Sisters”. Leaders of relevant departments also attended the film premiere, bringing greetings and expectations from the black land, and delivered a speech: “The Jiumei Village in the movie is the same as our first land reform village. It used to be poor and white. Now it has achieved great changes in the countryside through storms. The promotion of rural revitalization and the construction of a beautiful China are inseparable from the leadership of grassroots party organizations like Jiumei. Take the lead in setting an example and the selfless spirit of pioneering, daring to struggle, and willing to give. The new century will be a long journey, and only struggle! Let us move forward courageously and create even more splendid brilliance!”

Yang Tongshu and Guo Jiaming unveiled the secrets of e-commerce live broadcast chaos and high release Golden Rooster Awards after debut

“Nine Sisters” is co-starred by powerful actors Yang Tongshu, Guo Jiaming, Gao Fang, Hu Qiusheng, Ma Shuchao, Cheng Liuyi, etc., for the first time the camera is aimed at the e-commerce industry, exposing the chaos of e-commerce live streaming on a large scale. The village party secretary Jin Jiumei, played by Yang Tongshu, temporarily took the place of the twin sister Zhao Xiaoxue’s live broadcast of the goods, and witnessed all the shady scenes behind the live broadcast, such as ticket sales, fake and inferior products being shoddy, and military control reviews. This plot is simply a divine prophecy for a recent e-commerce anchor in real life to overturn the car. Yang Tongshu has appeared in many hit dramas such as “Supreme Beauty” and “The Great Emperor of Han Dynasty”. His paranoid mothers in “In the Name of Family” and “Female Psychologist” are particularly impressive. This time, two roles are played in the movie. One is a competent and just village party secretary, and the other is a fashionable and beautiful female anchor. The image is extremely subverted. The actor Guo Jiaming has worked with Sun Li and Zhang Ziyi in the hit dramas “An Jia” and “Shangyang Fu” respectively, and also participated in the major revolutionary historical drama “Glory and Dreams”, this time starred in the “Nine Sisters” in the village poverty alleviation The secretary Lu Feng, and Jin Jiumei, the village party secretary played by Yang Tongshu, helped farmers through e-commerce, and jointly led Jiumei Village towards common prosperity. Because Yang Tongshu participated in the Youth Film Festival in Sichuan, and Guo Jiaming was recording a new album in the United States, the two regretted their absence at the same time, but they also joined the crew to wish the film conference a complete success.

The lead actor Gao Fang appeared at the press conference at the age of 82. She has participated in such excellent works as “Daming Palace Ci” and “April Sky on Earth”. The new film “Fish Under Ice” starring in the just-concluded 34th Golden Rooster Awards Won the best small and medium cost feature film award. Gao Fang revealed at the scene that he played the role of Yang Jiumei, the first-generation party secretary of Jiumei Village in the movie. The relationship with Jin Jiumei symbolizes the inheritance of economy, culture, responsibility and other aspects. “Whether it is Zhao Lihua in “Fish Under Ice” or Yang Jiumei in “Nine Sisters” is my favorite character. Thanks to the movie “Nine Sisters” for allowing me to show a different side.” There are also the roles and images of the old opera bones Hu Qiusheng, Ma Shuchao, and Cheng Liuyi in the movie. They are all very subversive, and they have become the jokes of the film. Many old dramas support the scene, making the quality of the movie soar.

Good Voice Xie Dan passionately sings the theme song Sun Bayi hip-hop praises brilliant China

At the premiere press conference, “The Voice of China” Xie Dan passionately sang the movie theme song “I Am You”. The song was written by director Wei Qing, “Pentium blood, unchanging genes, relay transmission.” “Burning.” Youthful vigor, illuminating the new century…” and other lyrics reproduce the scene and determination of the Communist Party members of the new era such as Jiumei in the construction of a new countryside. Xie Dan also revealed that he played the role of Liu Xiangqin in the film. This is his first big screen show, and the role is quite happy.

The post-90s hip-hop singer Sun Bayi sang the film propaganda song “Brilliant China”, “To create a historical cause, the party and the people must rely on each other, let us add rich spiritual food, look forward to the future” and other lyrics and the movie “Nine Sisters” The theme of focusing on rural revitalization fits perfectly. This song was praised by the official Weibo account of the “Liyuan Fan Group” for its positive theme and the new look of hip-hop singers born in the 90s represented by Sun Bayi.

Dianyingchang’s word-of-mouth continues to ferment, God predicts that e-commerce anchors will overturn into a bright spot

“Nine Sisters” has received rave reviews from the previous “Exciting Film Flower National Tour Show”. At the expert observation seminar held in Beijing a few days ago, it was once again received by many experts and scholars from the industry, academia, and critics. Unanimously affirmed.

At the premiere ceremony that day, a number of industry leaders once again appeared at the premiere of “Nine Sisters”, and participated in the premiere viewing after the press conference, interacting closely with the film creators with many audiences. The well-known film critic Tan Fei praised the combination of the film and the current hot spots. He believed that “Nine Sisters” had a profound presentation of e-commerce live broadcast pit fees, false orders and other chaos, “God predicted” the e-commerce platform and live broadcast Standardize rectification. The famous screenwriter Wang Hailin affirmed the creative content of the film, saying that “Nine Sisters” has the shadow of Italian impromptu comedy. Especially in the second half of the film, as the sister of the village party secretary, she has the courage, knowledge, and reason to counterattack e-commerce bosses and loan sharks, etc., so that the whole film jumps out of the simple pan-entertainment and pure comedy skills. Mortar.

The movie “Nine Sisters” is produced by Heilongjiang Haoyan Culture Media Co., Ltd., Oriental Shangdian Culture Media Co., Ltd., Geyou Jiuzhou (Beijing) Cultural Tourism Management Co., Ltd., Yongbida Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., Qingdao Yuhaimingzhu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. , Chengdu Century Xingcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. Jointly produced, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China, Weiqing (Beijing) Film and Television Culture Development Co., Ltd. joint production, body group joint publicity and distribution, Xiaokang Longjiang Agricultural Helping Platform shooting cooperation, guidance Unit China Film Foundation, support unit China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Film Art Center.

Under the new historical background of the new century and new journey, the digital economy is used to help the rural revitalization, and the e-commerce is used to help the farmers to write the song of struggle. The movie “Nine Sisters” will be released in theaters across the country on January 9, so stay tuned!



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