Home Entertainment “LIGHTSUM” returns to show its full potential with “VIVACE” and announces the release of the 2nd single “[Light a Wish]”

“LIGHTSUM” returns to show its full potential with “VIVACE” and announces the release of the 2nd single “[Light a Wish]”

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Talented girl group “LIGHTSUM” returns to show their full potential with “VIVACE” and announces the release of their 2nd single “[Light a Wish]”

“LIGHTSUM” The new girl group of K-POP, sister degree, joins the world-famous girl group label “(G)-IDLE”, prepares to explode the fun on stage again with full title songs. With the power of “VIVACE” ready to release the 2nd single album [Light a Wish]Their names have been remembered in the K-pop world after debuting with their first single album “Vanilla” in June.

for music “Vanilla” It’s a song that conveys the sweet moment between falling in love. Everything turned into a sweet scent like vanilla. which this song resulted in “LIGHTSUM” It has set a record for a rookie group in 2021 with the most sales of 19,000 copies, and just a week after the release of the MV, the views quickly reached 10 million views. In addition, the title track is ranked 8th on the “Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart” as a new band in 2021 that is unbeatable. which the return of the second single album [Light a Wish] This time, the girls are fully prepared to show their talents to everyone. Whether it’s a powerful performance, beautiful voice. and their overflowing charm for their 2nd single album [Light a Wish] that means “This album is not only fulfilling my wish but also our desire.” After they follow the light, the “Light Ver” and “Wish Ver” symbolize “21st century version of the Genie character,” as if “I have a desire. I cast a spell to make that dream come true I’m the one who makes dreams come true,” told with a new perspective on “LIGHTSUM”. By the concept of these 2 versions, the 8 girls performed beautifully harmonious dance moves. with bright colors and pure cuteness conveyed through the MV

For other songs in the Music album “You, Jam” There is a melody that is very catchy just to listen to it once. The lyrics are about the suspense that some people have as a Gen Z kid, and the third track “Popcorn” is a representative song for “LIGHTSUM.” The rhythm of music that teenagers love is special in this comeback. They are accompanied by the title track “VIVACE”, an Italian word meaning “Lively and agile” like the lyrics that “That music came from somewhere. After a long wait, a world that shone with light appeared. To make that song never stop, LIGHTSUM meets a world with only light and share good things with the world.” Anyone who is waiting for the return of “LIGHTSUM” girls can listen to “VIVACE” on all female channels. ming

You can watch the MV of the song “VIVACE” at: https://youtu.be/y5WZ2htfiZU, can listen to music “VIVACE” at : https://lightsumth.lnk.to/VIVACEPR, and Can listen to music from the album “[Light a Wish]” at : https://lightsumth.lnk.to/LightaWishPR

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