Like the movie ‘Tazza’, ‘acid gambling’… ‘aunts’ gather and gamble with tens of thousands of won


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A group of people who pitched a tent in the mountain and waged tens of millions of won gambling were caught by the police.

After gambling all night, he avoided crackdowns by moving gambling tents from mountain to mountain every day.

Reporter Yang Hyun-seung reported.

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A mountain in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do.

Dozens of people lined up facing each other under a large tent.

Soon, the gambling board begins.

[도박판 운영자]

“Three times, five to one, two. One, two, two and a half, three… Stop it. Stop it.”

As one man collects money from the floor and another man counts and tosses it, the hands of the gamblers get busy.

[도박판 운영자]

“One, two, three, four, fifty…Is this fifty? You can’t do this already. Aunts…”

This is the so-called mountain gambling site.

They hide in the mountains and play hanbok gambling, and the stakes are as low as 3 million won and as high as 30 million won.

[도박판 운영자]

“Count, hurry… 200? Bring some money, bring some money.”

At the gambling board, there were usually 4 or 50 people, mainly women in their 5s and 60s, but they easily avoided police crackdowns.

This is the gambler recruitment letter they received.

The gathering place was notified only two hours before the gambling board took place, and the gamblers were transported to the mountains by van.

The meeting place also changed every day, and they moved from as little as 10 km to as much as 40 km.

[명규재 / 전남경찰청 강력범죄수사대장]

“In order to avoid police crackdowns, only the members who have been managing them are notified of the date and time via phone or text message…”

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From February of last year to January of this year, they have been gambling all night in Muan, Yeongam, and Naju in Jeollanam-do.

The police arrested one female operator who opened a mountain gambling shop and stole 10% of the stake, and arrested 42 gambling participants without detention.

This is MBC News reporter Yang Hyun-seung.

Video coverage Hong Kyung-seok (Mokpo) / Screen provided by Jeonnam Police Agency

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