Like Western media about African leaders, African ones must ferret out and expose Western “dictators” (Offishall IFF)

in this video (click here to read it)we delve into the sensitive debate over the use of the term “dictator” to refer to certain African presidents, while other leaders are rarely subjected to such derogatory terms, even if they have a history of abuses or crimes .

Why are some African leaders called “dictators” and others not?

We explore the reasons behind this disparity in language and examine how it may influence public perception. We highlight concrete examples of African presidents being labeled “dictators” by the international media and discuss the consequences of these labels on the politics and reputation of African countries. At the same time, we look at other world leaders who often escape such harsh judgments despite controversial actions. Finally, we propose a reflection on the idea of ​​reciprocity in journalistic language. Is it time for African journalists to ask themselves questions about how they portray foreign leaders, in order to promote a more balanced and impartial discourse? We hope this video will spark deeper reflection on the power of words in the perception of African and foreign leaders.

Source : Offishall IFF


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