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“Lily” won the current focus. stop talking – alluding Point out that you don’t want drama or problems with anyone.

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Some stories have passed. “Lily can get it all if it’s fresh” The current focus won. Stop talking about – alluding to after someone captured past posts on Tik Tok. Clearly not wanting drama or having problems with anyone.

It can be said that they are a pair of brothers and sisters who often come to say hi to the drama. “Jenny-Lily You can get it all if you’re refreshed.” If anyone who has been following both of them continuously, they will see that the two sisters often come out to use the social space to clarify the issues of small-to-heavy dramas.

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Most recently (22 Nov 2021) “Lily can get it all if it’s fresh” Has come out to post a message thanking all the wishes for her past 17th birthday. At the same time, it also clarified a small amount of drama. with people bringing old posts and movements Her post to Tik Tok to cause issues. By this event, the girl Lily revealed a message via Facebook. “Nareenat Chuelaem” that…

“Thank you to everyone who sent news. and bring some stories Some of my status posts go to Tik Tok. But let me sum it up here: Some things are just the past I don’t want to talk about or talk about each other again. It’s a disrespect to the present. I don’t want any drama or problems with anyone. And I want everyone to focus on the present and the future that is going to happen better. Thank you everyone who still loves and cares about me all the time Please continue to follow. Go to mine too.”

At the same time, Lily also revealed more via a short comment that… “From now on, there will only be smiles” before the fans came to support a lot

and while on the side “Jenny Ratchanok Suwannaket” or “Jenny can get it all if it’s fresh” I have come to comment to support my beloved sister that… “Very good, you have grown up. move forward happily You and your family are always by your side. What depresses the mind, do not store it in the brain. Keep making smiles and laughter.”

“We all love you. My family also loves you. Stop Jin, you can stop linking now. Let’s focus on our current work. You must be tired.”


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