‘Lim Chang-jung♥’ This is Ha-yan, a perfect embodiment of hip fashion… Are you the child’s mother?

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Seo Ha-yan, the wife of singer and actor Lim Chang-jung, wore the hip fashion perfectly.

On the 24th, Seo Ha-yan posted several photos on Instagram without any comments. In the published photos, Seo Hye-yan wore ripped jeans and a red baseball cap to pull off a trendy style perfectly.

In particular, Seo Ha-yan, who wore a baseball cap with long straight hair, drew admiration by adding a hip atmosphere with her amazing digestive power. It is hard to believe that she is the mother of five sons.

In response, netizens responded enthusiastically, such as “Who gave birth to the child”, “You look so young”, “You are slim and pretty”, “I thought you were” n college student”.

Seo Ha-yan Lim Chang-jeong overcame the 18-year age difference in 2017, got married, and is raising five sons. Appearing in the SBS variety show ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2’, she receives a lot of love.

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