Lim Ji-yeon “I was desperate for all the works, I was praised for my acting, but I grew up scalding and crying on set” [인터뷰M]

In ‘The Glory’, I met Lim Ji-yeon, who plays the role of Park Yeon-jin, who has lived a midnight life and naturally commits evil deeds for no reason. Part 2 was released and took first place in the world within 3 days of its release, gaining worldwide popularity, and the main character Lim Ji-yeon, who even created a meme that made her ears bleed when the whole nation called “Yeon Jin -ah!” This was my first villain challenge.

Park Yeon-jin, played by Lim Ji-yeon, was a character that no one could sympathize with or understand. He said, “Why is there a child like this? How can this be? It was such a difficult character to understand. The characters the other actors played were also bad children, but despite that, everyone said in unison, ‘Isn’t Yeon -jin doing too much?’. It was the height of evil. “He said that he was a character that could not be interpreted in general.

He added, “There was no reason. It wasn’t because he had a mental problem or because the environment he grew up in was unusual, he was a person who didn’t know if what he was doing was wrong or not. That’s why that he cannot relate to the feelings of the victim and does not feel guilty. He does not even feel angry. He complained, “It is impossible for a person to ask for forgiveness without doing that. I acted with that thought in mind. I acted with all my heart every time, but it was difficult to act because the gods were too strong.”

It was a mother’s role with a daughter and a bad scene with an affair man. Lim Ji-yeon said, “It was a necessary part for Park Yeon-jin, and it didn’t really matter if it was a bad scene or a scene where I had to show being a mother. I’m also 34 years old , so I thought that was a necessary scene and setting.”

Many non-smokers considered Park Yeon-jin’s smoking scene in ‘The Glory’ a dangerous scene. This was because netizens kept admitting that they made me look for cigarettes that I had quit smoking because of the way it smoked so deliciously. Lim Ji-yeon said, “I heard about that story and I heard a lot of it on the set. I thought about making it look delicious, so I thought in detail and practiced. I tried to make a difference in the details, like smoking gracefully while angry, smoking in front of my husband.”
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Lim Ji-yeon’s acting with such efforts was amazing. It caused the anger of the spectators to worsen, it made them grab their necks because they were dumb, and it made them tremble at the creepy and selfish sight. Praise was showered for his brilliant acting. However, Lim Ji-yeon said, “I have tried hard to do all the projects and struggled to grow. Even if it was slow, I took various challenges to go my own way. I was’ n think they would recognize me one day, and instead of seeing the results, good opportunities would come my way.” I’ve been acting thinking I’m going to be good. I have been acting with all the works.

Lim Ji-yeon, a member of the Han Ye-jong, said, “Ever since I was in school, I have been a quiet person. There were many gifted and talented friends around me, and I always thought I had to work hard because I didn’t have much. I was cast in a commercial film because I had, and there were many unconventional scenes, so it became a hot topic and debuted early. At that time, I was a newbie in society and had no field experience, and I wasn’t good at acting. Debuting like that had a lot of difficulties.” She talked about the time when she made her debut with ‘Human Addiction’ about a bad scene and an affair with her boss.

Even after that, she showed her unconventional appearance once again in the movie ‘Terrible Gods’, and in a way Lim Ji-yeon came to know her face before her name. He said, “After my debut, I was really disappointed on set, so I cried a lot. However, I never thought about giving up acting. It was difficult because there wasn’t much of casting opportunities, but I’m still this young, so I’ll continue to act even when I become an aunt or a grandmother later.” I was thinking about doing it, so I worked hard with the mindset of doing what I could in any project bit by bit. The day came when I was praised like this.”

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Indeed, ‘The Glory’ was a worldwide success and had a strong impact because it was a recent film, but Lim Ji-yeon was constantly expanding her spectrum as an actress with acting transformations and new appearances. In the latest ‘Paper House: Common Economic Zone’ Part 2, he appeared as ‘Seoul’ who held the key to the reversal and performed thrilling and intense acting The possibility has been shown. Teabing’s original ‘Rose Mansion’ showed the attitude of a queen of excitement, and in the middle of the drama, ‘Blow Breeze’ was put in a ridiculous situation of ‘replacing the main character’, but Lim Ji-yeon was praised as a rescue. a pitcher who saved the play and was loved by the entire nation.

Lim Ji-yeon said, “Actually, there was controversy over acting in some works. At that time, I spent time reading books or watching other works. It was a good time that helped me a lot. Now, I being praised for acting, but the debate over acting will come again. It could be. Living with a sense of achievement in overcoming it is the biggest reason I became an actor and love this job,” revealing that he has a personality that enjoys a sense of achievement beyond hurdles rather than a personality that enjoys a flowery path.

When was Lim Ji-yeon’s most glorious moment? I thought maybe now I’m getting a lot of love for ‘The Glory’, but I’m giving an unexpected answer. She said, “It’s the first day of ‘Human Addiction’. I’ll never forget the moment when my mom gave me a big bouquet and said, ‘You were so pretty, Jiyeon.’ C. That was the moment of greatest glory so far.”

Then, he said, “I will become an actor full of passion and good acting with perseverance and a different look.”

The Netflix series ‘The Glory’, which depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood, was very carefully prepared for her whole life, and those who fall into the vortex, can be seen on Netflix.

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