Lim Ju-ri “I fell in love with my ex-husband at first sight… I know that I am a married man after pregnancy”

Screen capture of MBN’s ‘Dongchimi’ broadcast © News1

Lim Ju-ri revealed a shocking story that he was a married man after having a child with his lover.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, MBN’s ‘Dongchimi’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Dongchimi’), Lim Ju-ri talked about her first meeting with her ex-husband and the reason why they had a fight.

On this day, Lim Joo-ri said, “I met my ex-husband through an acquaintance. He is a Korean-American, but he always handed me gifts and wanted to eat.” “So I met him, and he was a nice and handsome person and had a secretary. “He said.

He continued, “So I fell in love. I found a new life because that person came and went back and forth in the United States and played hard.” He said, “I went to the United States, but I found out that he was a married man. He met me during the grace period for divorce, and he was still a married man.” added.

Due to this, Lim Ju-ri, who became dark in front of her eyes, returned to Korea 22 days after giving birth. “I felt like I was going to die there,” he recalled. Fortunately, at that time, ‘Applying Lipstick Thick’ was popular in Korea, and Lim Ju-ri was able to actively appear on TV shows.

Then, a lover in the United States came to Lim Ju-ri, and he eventually accepted him and married him. Lim Joo-ri said, “Actually, this wasn’t a problem. He drank every day after marriage, and when he eats it, it changes 180 degrees. Because it continues every day…” Lim Joo-ri said, “He must be divorced now.” “I was talking about that person divorced from me.”

Meanwhile, ‘Dongchimi’ airs every Saturday at 11 PM.


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