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Lim Yeong-woong Ohbo, stupid to buy 4.5 billion buildings… “Sorry for the wrong headline”

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▲Obo Lim, Hero (Photo = Provided by New Era Project)

Trot singer Lim Young-woong’s side drew a line saying “misbelief” on the report on the purchase of the building.

On the 29th, Yeongwoong Lim’s management company, Fish Music, announced through the official fan cafe’Hero’s Era’, saying, “The information related to the purchase of the building is misleading, and Yeongwoong Lim has never purchased the building.”

Earlier on the 28th, a report was reported that Lim Young-woong purchased a six-story building in Mapo-gu, Seoul. It is a building worth about 4.5 billion won, and it was explained that it was purchased under the name of the company’s corporation,’Fish Music’.

In response, the agency emphasized that it is a clear misinformation. He explained that the building was acquired from the management company, Fish Music, and that it is considering using it as an office building depending on the circumstances when the rental period of the current tenants is completed.

He said, “The expression that the building was purchased by Lim Young-woong or that he purchased it under the name of a single-person corporation is wrong that may cause misunderstandings,” he said. “I am very sorry for the damage to Young-woong Lim with a different headline, and I am sorry to the fans.” Told.

Meanwhile,’Fish Music’, to which Lim Young-woong belongs, is an independent corporation that has been established and operated in 2015. In particular, Lim Young-woong showed off his strong friendship by telling him that he received help from his current management company through the TV Chosun’Pongsungah Hakdang’.


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