Lim Young-woong’s wedding plan revealed for the first time…”Mom, do it in 10 years” [마이 리틀 히어로]

Reporter Seunghoon Lee | 2023.05.27 22:33

/Photo = KBS 2TV ‘My Little Hero’

Singer Lim Young-woong promised to get married in 10 years.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘My Little Hero’, broadcast on the afternoon of the 27th, Lim Young-woong was fully prepared to enjoy 200% of Los Angeles, USA.

On this day, Lim Young-woong started learning Korean food recipes to eat in LA in search of his mother and grandmother. Young-woong Lim’s mother and grandmother praised Young-woong Lim, who was going to the United States for about a month, saying, “It’s very wonderful.” Young-woong Lim’s mother started a cooking class for Young-woong Lim, saying, “I’ll tell you recipes for stir-fried beef red pepper paste, stir-fried anchovies, red peppers u stew, and squid stew that can be stored for one. a long time.”

In particular, Lim Young-woong boasted of his own family’s squid stew, which cannot be tasted anywhere, and said, “My grandmother started eating it and making it when my mother was young. Also, the mother gave gave birth to a son and gave it to her son, and this is how it is passed down from generation to generation.”

Then the grandmother said, “If you have a son now, you have to do it,” and Lim Young-woong joked, “When are you going to have a son? Will you have a son tomorrow?” The grandmother also replied, “What’s wrong? Will I give birth tomorrow?”

Young-woong Lim answered, “No,” and her mother also said, “No,” and Young-woong Lim recommended that she could get married slowly. In fact, Lim Young-woong admitted, “Other mothers say to get married soon, but my mother says to wait 10 years.”

‘My Little Hero’ is a program that introduces the artist and the person Young-woong Lim to the public while photographing a candid travelogue of LA by Young-woong Lim and Young-woong Lim only, and is broadcast every Saturday at 9:25pm.

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