Limited! Muang Non opens registration for Pfizer 3 needles for Astra applicants to complete 2 injections

Nonthaburi found the lowest number of cases since the new epidemic, 73 cases, 1,094 hospital treatments, 59 of the critically ill red patients.

At 21.10 on November 29, the Covid 19 Information Center in Nonthaburi Province reported that a total of 73 cases were found, 40 females, 33 males, 4 foreigners (2 Burmese, 2 Cambodians, 0 Laos). Mueang Nonthaburi 20 cases, Bang Bua Thong District 15 cases
Bang Kruai District 15 cases, Pak Kret District 13 cases, Sai Noi District 7 cases, Bang Yai District 3 cases, 59 cases, representing 80.83%, 14 cases, representing 19.17%.

Information on vaccination among infected people 24 people who have never been vaccinated, representing 32.87%, were vaccinated with 1 dose of 7, representing 9.58%, were vaccinated with 2 doses of 40, representing 54.75%, were vaccinated with 3 doses of 2, representing 2.78%.

Contacted 73 confirmed cases, 7 students (Unknown), 7 company employees (Unknown), 3 Lotus Khae Rai (food court), 2 contract workers (Unknown), 2 trading workers (Unknown) Identified 1 Pantip Ngamwongwan. The group found infected 1 person is a taxi driver, a motorcycle driver, a forecaster of Pantip Ngamwongwan Department Store, an employee of Subenja Company, a driver, an employee of MD Light Quality Company, a factory employee and lotus staff Bang Kruai treated in the hospital 1,094 people, there are 59 critically ill red patients.

Page COVID-19 Information Center Nonthaburi posted a message stating that urgent!! Persons who have completed 2 doses of AstraZeneca vaccination with 2 doses of AstraZeneca before 2 July 2021 are requested to register to receive 3 doses (booster) as Pfizer vaccine by tomorrow (30 Nov) via Nonprom.


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