Lin Shengbin’s photo appeared in a dating app, Bob admits that he looks like he’s lost: he changed the second one

Lin Shengbin (Bob) found that his photos appeared on the dating app. In fact, it is not uncommon for photos of artists or models to appear on dating apps. Of course these are scammers or users who lack confidence in their own appearance using their flattering looks as a routine tactic to attract the attention of other users. However, Bob felt that he was not a handsome person, so he left a message and said: “Peng, although I don’t know you,But what about you using Zhang Xiang as your friend?appsavatar,In fact, you are too tight on yourself, and you are back to the shore, and you have changed the second one!I wish you a real marriage soon

Xin Yi, Fang Lishen, and Yuan Jiamin once admitted that they used dating apps to meet people. At that time, many people mistakenly thought that these accounts were created by borrowing their photos. Later, they interviewed that the accounts belonged to them.

The original text was published on AM730 Shengbin’s photo is shocking to appear in the dating app-Abobo admits that he looks like a rice-changed the second one/321599

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