Lin Shengbin’s two daughters perform side-hands and fall into the water Chen Ziyao praises Jianjin (21:12)-20210809-SHOWBIZ

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Article Date: August 9, 2021

Lin Shengbin (Bob) and his wife Huang Yiyi have three daughters and one son, of which two daughters Xier (Haye) and three daughters Jier (Kaye) are good gymnastics. Today, Bob shared a short video of a family going to the swimming pool to have fun on a social platform. In the clip, he saw Xi’er and Ji’er performing cartwheels and falling into the water. Bob and his wife in the middle school were very excited. Bob left a message: “In fact, my whole family are athletes. Except for me, I am a cheerleader.” Chen Ziyao also commented on Bob’s two daughters for “Strong Jin”. Netizens said that “Twins used their hands to turn their homes…reporting fame and dreams.” However, some people also said that “a lifeguard expressed helplessness.”

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