Lin Tingqian scored 5 points in the opening game + blocked Guo Ailun driving high and walking low as the epitome of Tianjin team_Liaoning_Beijing_Jilin

Original title: Lin Tingqian scored 5 points in the opening game + blocked Guo Ailun driving high and walking low as the epitome of Tianjin team

On December 28th, the CBA regular season continued. Liaoning team faced Tianjin team. The Liaoning team, which played all the main force, finally defeated Tianjin with a big score of 112-93. Tianjin ushered in the first victory of the second stage. Tianjin started positively, hitting three-pointers one after another. Lin Tingqian also performed dazzlingly, but as the Liaoning team blossomed more, Tianjin lost both on the scene and the momentum, and finally ended with a big score.

In the second stage of the first match, Liaoning defeated Beijing in the absence of multiple cores and ended the 9-game winning streak. Tianjin defeated Jilin in the first game of the rematch to usher in the first consecutive win of the season. But in contrast, there is a big gap between the strengths of the two sides, so there is not much suspense in the game.

At the beginning of the game, the Tianjin team did a good job defensively and performed very positively on the offensive end. They made three three-pointers in a row, especially the treasure island defender Lin Tingqian, who scored 5 points from inside and outside, and his matchup with Guo Ailun also Very good-looking, the two reflected each other on offense and defense. Lin Tingqian gave Guo Ailun a block, but in the second quarter, as the offensive end of the Liaoning team bloomed more, the morale of the Tianjin team was gradually consumed, and Lin Tingqian felt gradually. After cooling down, Lin Tingqian scored 9 points and 3 steals at halftime.

In the second half, it was entirely training time for the Liaoning team. Whether it was Zhang Zhenlin’s flying dunks or Fogg’s continuous outside bombing, the Tianjin team was helpless to fight back. Lin Tingqian did not have much performance in the situation where the score was lagging behind. Opportunity, Lin Tingqian played again in the last quarter and hit three-pointers in a row, but in a situation where the score was behind, the game lost suspense early.

Lin Tingqian originally played in the NCAA league in the United States, but due to the epidemic, the NCAA league was directly suspended. Lin Tingqian chose to sign up for the CBA Draft without the ball to play. Last summer he was selected by the Tianjin team with a lottery pick. In the first season after joining the Tianjin team, Lin Tingqian directly played the main role of the team. He averaged 27 minutes of playing time per game, contributing 12.4 points, 2.5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals.

This season, Lin Tingqian has directly become the core player of the Tianjin team after a period of running-in and experience. Against Liaoning in this game, Lin Tingqian did not show his full strength. For the Tianjin team, which can be called the league’s belly team, Lin Tingqian’s performance is one of the team’s few highlights.

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