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Lin Yifu: Lu ASML bans the sale of lithography machines, fears that it will be overtaken by Lu and withdraw from the market after 3 years

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Lin Yifu, Dean of the National Development Institute of Peking University, said at a forum on world economic prospects that the Dutch lithography machine dragon company ASML (ASML) is very worried that it is now prohibited to sell lithography machines to China, and China will do its own thing in about 3 years. Mastering this technology, ASML may have to withdraw from the global lithography machine market by then.

According to “Multidimensional News”, at the 2021 China Enterprise Future Development Forum jointly organized by the Mainland China Chamber of International Commerce, Peking University National Development Institute, and Peking University New Structural Economics Institute, Lin Yifu, Honorary Dean of Peking University National Development Institute, said in a speech, Peter. Peter, President and CEO of ASML, a leading company in lithography machines. Peter Wennink said that ASML’s lithography machines are now prohibited from being sold to the mainland, but he is extremely worried about the company’s prospects.

The Dutch ASML has an absolute advantage in the global semiconductor equipment lithography machine. It has a 90% market share in the world’s similar products, and has a 100% market share under the 14nm process. The picture shows the ASML lithography machine. (Photo/Reuters)

Lin Yifu said that ASML CEO Winnick believes that if the lithography machine is not sold to China, China will master this technology in about three years. Based on past experience, as long as China masters this technology, China’s production costs will be lower than internationally. “At that time, ASML may have withdrawn from the world lithography machine market.”

The report pointed out that ASML is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer in the Netherlands with more than 28,000 employees and provides services in 16 countries and regions around the world. The company’s main product is the core device lithography machine for the production of large-scale integrated circuits. It has a 90% market share in the world’s similar products and a 100% market share below the 14nm process.

Winnick, CEO of ASML in the Netherlands, believes that the implementation of export controls on China will force them to implement “technological sovereignty.” Once China is pressed, they will do everything by themselves within 15 years and will no longer rely on European suppliers. . (Photo/Reuters)

In an interview with the media last month, Winnick said, “If export controls are imposed on China, they will be forced to implement “Science and Technology Sovereignty”… Once China is pressed, they will be able to do everything themselves within 15 years. , Then will no longer rely on the European supplier market.”

Winnick also said that if China is too strict on the export of sensitive technology, it may end up dragging down the development of European industry, because China is still a key market, “dependence is not a problem, the problem is that interdependence must be developed.” If you want to stay ahead of China, you “must lead in innovation, and this must speed up.”

Lin Yifu also said that on the basis of giving full play to the advantages of human capital and “latecomers”, China is able to achieve an average annual economic growth of 4% to 6% by integrating practical factors such as population aging, carbon peak carbon neutrality, and rural revitalization. . Double the total economic output or per capita income in 2035, realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in 2050 and break through the great changes in the world. Therefore, the world’s greatest opportunity in the future lies in China, and the world market and opportunities will also be even greater because of China’s entry.

Article source: Lin Yifu: Lithography machine giant ASML worries about its withdrawal from the global market after 3 years by China’s anti-terrorism campaign

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